I have just read an article regarding a speech the British Foreign Secretary, Liz Truss, gave at the Chatham House think tank. She was setting out her vision for future foreign policy. The speech was full of realism and positivity. Truss warned that “woke” attacks on British history are a gift to the nation’s enemies, insisting it was time to embrace the past “warts and all”. She said hostile states are focused on getting one up on adversaries instead of navel-gazing about their own wrongdoings. There were elements in it that could apply to this country.

The Foreign Secretary said it was “time to be proud of who we are and what we stand for,” because Britain is, “the greatest country on Earth. It’s time to dump the baggage holding us back. Our history – warts and all – makes us who we are today. Britain is the greatest country on Earth. Whoever you are, wherever you come from, you can achieve your dreams.” She added, “Let’s stop fighting about the past, let’s start fighting for the future because that’s what our adversaries are thinking about. They’re not thinking about what happened in the past in their countries, they’re busy with malign information on the internet or threatening aggression or using economic coercion to affect their goals.”

Remove her comments on adversaries, which are specifically to do with foreign policy and concentrate on her positive remarks about Britain. The greatest country on Earth. Anyone in Britain can achieve their dreams. Stop fighting about the past, fight for the future. In a country hard hit by the pandemic here is a minister reminding her country how great it is, that the past, in all its forms, has defined the country and it’s the future that is important. These types of addresses are needed when a country has been forced into a negative mindset and morale is low.

Contrast that with our prime minister. Ever since Covid landed on our doorstep she has clutched it with both hands as a controlling tool. Everything she has done, every decision she has made since March 2020, has had a negative connotation. She has followed the modus operandi of a dictator. The slow rollout, with the sham reason that other countries needed it before us, was deliberately made to align with her agenda. The late closing of the borders looks, in retrospect, suspiciously like another move to suit her master plan.

Ardern has put in place a ‘lottery of misery’ for those wanting to return home. She has overseen the debacle of MIQ, a place where you are sent to quite likely catch Covid. On her watch, the immigration shambles has evolved, preventing businesses from acquiring the labour force they needed. She decreed the disastrous lengthy lockdowns where thousands of businesses have gone to the wall with the resultant job losses. She has deliberately pitted the vaxxed against the unvaxxed. Arrange a protest and she will have you arrested.

Other countries have had to take similar kinds of action but have tried to reverse the situation as soon as practicable allowing for the risks. Not our Prime Minister. Under the cloak of caution, she is going to squeeze every last drop of Covid out of Kiwis that she can. This is why everything was slow from the outset. Those of the population conned by this think she is being kind. Those of us more awake to what the game is, such as Christopher Luxon, are aware of the treachery being foisted upon us. Auckland should be in green according to Luxon. How right he is.

No speech from Ardern akin to the one Liz Truss gave. Quite the opposite. Far from calling New Zealand the greatest country on earth Ardern is all about dividing it. We are no longer one nation, one people; we are being put into opposing camps. Legislation has either been rushed through already, or will be next year, to ensure this. This legislation gives undue power to a minority race. Ardern needs to take the words of Liz Truss on board that we must stop fighting about the past and start fighting for the future. She won’t, because that does not suit her agenda.

The way to control the population is to keep them downtrodden, discouraging aspiration and productivity by enforcing Communist type rules and regulations. Centralisations and unions are her game. Things centralised are easier to control and the unions are her friends. In her world one complements the other. She doesn’t want to listen to Sir Ian Taylor because he will have answers to her homemade Covid problems that she doesn’t want to hear. 

Ardern is not interested in a country looking to the future, she wants a country obsessed with divisions from the past. Appeasing the Maori activists suits her game plan. She sees divide and rule as the best chance of holding on to power and continuing to force through her Marxist agenda. It will prove to be her undoing, though; she is not bright enough to see it. Nanaia Mahuta may be aware, as she wants all her race-based legislation rammed through as quickly as possible. She will have it framed in such a way as to make it very difficult to repeal.

What a difference it could have made to the morale of the country if Ardern had given an uplifting speech along the lines Liz Truss gave. Unfortunately, Jacinda Ardern no more wants to lift this country out of where she’s put it than she wants lift people out of poverty. The means of control are best achieved by having a compliant population devoid of hope, beset by unnecessary rules and regulations and consolidated under a Marxist philosophy. This is precisely the road we are being taken down. It is a road on which everything is, to a greater or lesser extent, under government control and most people will look to the government to solve their problems.

This evil horror show can only be stopped by the election of a National/Act Coalition in 2023. How you cast your vote has never been more important.

Ardern Should Listen to Truss


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