Over nine days ago I exposed the existence of a Police spy unit ominously called the ‘Scanning and Targeting Team’. We found out about this team as a result of an Official Information Act request regarding the labelling, by the Police, of The BFD as a misinformation site.

What the OIAs also revealed is that this site and I, in particular, have been targeted by this team, and flagged for anti-Government sentiment and “racism”, despite not a shred of evidence of the racism that caused the flagging being provided.

To make matters worse, this rather sinister-sounding team also outlined and passed judgment on our video of the hypocrite Siouxsie Wiles, and labelled a factual video as “uncorroborated information” and accused us and me of being willing to continue to publish information that would “denigrate Labour party policies and individuals linked to them”.

They then provided an intelligence briefing about me, filled with erroneous information like incorrect firearms licence information that is years out of date. But that is by the by; what was more troubling was that a Senior Sergeant made the suggestion that they send round some coppers to question me.

When I received the heavily redacted response from the Police I immediately briefed the Free Speech Union, and their spokesperson, Jordan Williams. I also advised David Farrar, another senior FSU member. I furnished them with the complete set of documents. The next day I published the story. I also notified several senior journalists.

David Farrar put out a tweet the next day, but that is it.

I don’t blame David, he likes to be liked. He at least tweeted about it.

But there has been nothing but crickets from the Free Speech Union. Total and utter silence. They seem to be more interested in defending the rights of lesbian feminists and left-wing academics than the rights of conservative media voices.

There has been no press release decrying Police overreach and political targeting. Just nothing but an eerie silence. Ironically on the same day, my story about Police surveillance broke, there was a meme posted on the FSU Facebook page, quoting Martin Luther King, saying “In the end we will remember not the words of our enemies, but the silence of our friends“:

Funnily enough, one of my ‘enemies’ actually wrote an article, outraged about this, but my friends have been silent.

The corrupted and complicit media said nothing. No report, no mention, nothing. Clearly, they think it is perfectly alright for Police to target journalists for surveillance because they have anti-Government sentiments. They are so deep in the back pocket of the tyrant Prime Minister that they say nothing, even as outrageous overreach and breaches of the Bill of Rights are performed by a Police force that has become the enforcement arm of this anti-democratic Government.

But the silence of my friends is the most illuminating. No one has done more to promote the Free Speech Union than The BFD yet when there is a clear cut example of a chilling effect on free speech by the surveillance and monitoring of a conservative news outlet and a journalist for daring to publish facts that happen to be anti-Government, they do nothing.

If something that blatant won’t get them to say or do anything then you really have to wonder if they are serious at all about Free Speech.

In reality, it appears, the Free Speech Union is a sham organisation, taking cash but not actually doing anything for that cash. They are only defending the rights of left-wing academics and lesbian feminists: everyone else can go hang.

I am a person who would do anything for my mates. I’ll literally die in a ditch for them. But these guys wouldn’t lift a finger to type a press release. I hear them, I’m picking up what they are putting down.

Well, as you have all seen, we have a big voice. After the mainstream media, we have the biggest voice, and our editor Juana has decided that our voice will no longer publish a single thing from the Free Speech Union. They don’t deserve our support, and they don’t deserve yours.

Fool me once shame on you, fool me twice shame on me. Well, no more. It stops today.

Martin Luther King was right, “In the end we will remember not the words of our enemies, but the silence of our friends“.

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