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I was up in the city this week so took the opportunity to get my third Covid-19 Antibody test. It’s a simple procedure. I just popped into that local Lab, they took a vial of blood, just like for any other blood test. Results were emailed to me the next day.

I had Covid-19 towards the end of April this year. I had a high temperature for 2 days and then was extremely exhausted for 2 weeks. After that, I returned to normal and felt fine.

I had my first Covid-19 Antibody test at the end of May. Antibody measurements were reported on a scale of 0-100. Anything less than 0.35 (zero point 35) was negative. You did not have any antibodies. 0.35 – 0.7 was inconclusive and you should return for a test in two weeks. Anything above 0.7 (zero point seven) was confirmation of antibodies. I scored 28 (twenty eight).

At the end of October, exactly 5 months after the first test (and 6 months after getting Covid-19), I had a second. My antibody score has dropped dramatically to 1.7 (one point seven).

This week I came in at 0.15 (zero point 15). So 7 months after having Covid-19 I have no detectable antibodies.

There is also a second antibody test which measures specifically for antibodies against the Spike Protein. It also has the same scale <0.35. 0.35-0.7, >0.7. In May I registered 4.7 (four point seven). At the end of October it had dropped to 1.2 (one point two). This week it has shot up to 20 (twenty). What that is suggesting to me is that I have had a recent exposure to Covid-19 and the antibodies against the Spike protein have kicked in. I have not felt at all unwell and have had no symptoms

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