Dear Editor

The Aristocracy is back … different name, same system.

All countries at almost all times have been ruled by a small group of aristocrats, supported  by priests.

Whether it is Aztec kings attending the priestly blood sacrifices to the gods, the English lords attending Sunday Service or Maori chiefs whose tapu was overseen by the Tohunga, the thing that never changes is that a small and tightly-knit group with absolute power is attended by a richly rewarded priesthood.

They work together to keep the deplorables in their place. Sure the aristocrats jockey amongst themselves for power, and generations come and go with the elite moving between the various centres of power, but always drawn from the same small group who “Marry each other’s sisters”.

Occasional revolutions upset this for a short time, but the pattern is soon reestablished, as George Orwell predicted with Animal Farm. In China, the Emperor might have gone, but there is still an absolute ruler in the Forbidden City supported by an intellectual elite religiously quoting from Karl Marx. And you still disappear if you object.

In New Zealand, we’ve had a brief 100 years of democracy before the old pattern was re-established. A small group of politicians have taken absolute power, suspending the illusion of protection from the Bill of Rights, freedom of movement, freedom of assembly… all removed at a stroke. And strongly supported by a priesthood of ‘experts’, the MSM and medical authorities, who (like the priesthood of old) only need to be kept well supplied with money and special privileges to hold strongly to the party line. They even ‘marry each other’s sisters’… well, perhaps not ‘marry’ in the legal sense, just friends with benefits and children together. ‘Twas ever thus.

He Puapua and Three Waters make perfect sense. It will not be the 16% of Maori who will get the benefit, it will be the 1% – the Maori aristocracy. Likewise the 99% of non-elite Pakeha: unless you’re in the top levels of administration in Wellington, there is no White Privilege for you. People disappearing? Have you seen much of Brian Tamaki recently? He has been silenced by the judiciary.

The one bright thing I see is that young people, who are great readers of dystopian stories (Game of Thrones, Hunger Games etc), are seeing this and at least some are drawing their own conclusions as to the benevolence, and truthfulness, of the government. As they realise that they’ve been lied to, they will be lost to the socialist left forever.

Hopefully, leaders will arise who will bring back democracy. It was nice while it lasted, but for now at least, it is gone.

Angus Aardvark

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Letter to the Editor: The Aristocracy Is Back


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