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It should be obvious by now that New Zealand society is slowly becoming segregated between vaccinated and unvaccinated. Businesses will be forced to refuse customers if they don’t show proof of vaccination. Airlines will not take unvaccinated passengers. Schools will not allow unvaxxed students. For now the health system has said it will not discriminate because of its duty to care for all regardless of health, medical history or vaccine status. How long this exemption will be in place is up in the air. Churches and other religious institutions have had to face the tough decision on whether to keep the unvaxxed out or invite everyone regardless of vaccine status. 

This is the least of the problems for the unvaxxed because, in order to access these goods and services, they have to be able to afford them. Unfortunately, people are losing their jobs and therefore their income because of their refusal to take the vaccine. 

Of course, there will be businesses in all industries that will resist the vaccine mandate and will serve people regardless of their vaccination status; however, their freedom to be able to do that will not be permanent. There will come a time when businesses will be forced, under the threat of fines, to restrict access to the unvaccinated.

The recent new vaccination order added to the Covid-19 public health response, which restricts the unvaccinated from working in particular jobs, is an indicator of the lengths this Labour Government will go to stop the unvaccinated from living normally. 

Historically there have always been cases when certain groups were discriminated against because of this or that characteristic. In Czechoslovakia, this discrimination was based on political affiliation and beliefs. Under Communist rule, Czech dissidents were often excluded from basic goods and services simply because of their anti-communist beliefs. To fight back, Vaclav Benda proposed the idea of ‘parallel polis’ in which Czech dissidents would create an alternative society, economy and structure to provide for each other rather than relying on the government they opposed. They thus created a parallel community to the Communist community of the time. 

I propose that the same solution could work for the unvaxxed. We create an alternative society. We are starting to see signs of this happening. We are seeing the rise of alternative media in contrast to the government-controlled mainstream media. Outlets such as The BFD, Daily Examiner NZ, Daily Telegraph NZ and the Right Watchman are filling the gap in the market to act as the proper fourth estate (something I explored in a previous article).

In response to the vaccine mandates on businesses, a business network (or black market) has sprung up to provide for and employ the unvaccinated. In America, patriots are creating an alternative economy by replacing the US dollar with cryptocurrency or valuable metals such as gold for use in transactions. They are also taking over the property market by buying up properties and flipping them, selling them exclusively to freedom fighters. This may not be possible in New Zealand, but Kiwis have adapted to the housing conditions by turning to rental properties, micro-homes and motorhomes, which means living off the land rather than depending on the infrastructure. 

For religious groups, the creation of an alternative community is something they have done for at least a millennia. An example of this comes from Christianity: when the early Christians were driven out from the synagogues and were persecuted by the Roman Empire, they formed house churches where they would meet secretly, a tradition that continues to this day in countries such as China and North Korea where religion is largely restricted or banned. 

In the realm of education, the patriots in America have responded to the vaccine and mask mandates in public schools by forming home schools. Now that pro-choice teachers are being fired from their jobs, home schools will have no labour shortage. 

The issue of law enforcement and emergency services is a difficult one. However, I am encouraged by the fire and police unions in America who are refusing to mandate the vaccine. I am also encouraged by the police officers in Australia and New Zealand who are willing to leave the force rather than take the vaccine. In America, in the wake of the BLM riots, police are leaving in record numbers and joining the growing number of patriotic militias forming to protect the community. It could be impossible to do something similar in New Zealand, so we may have to settle for the community patrols that are beginning to appear in city centres. 

There is a concept I have heard which has never really been explained but during the Nazi occupation of Holland, the Dutch Resistance were able to organise an underground police force. Perhaps this is an idea that could potentially be explored. 

It is disheartening to hear of patients being turned away for refusing to take the vaccine. It is however encouraging to know that not all doctors have kowtowed to the medical establishment. NZDSOS has been doing some great work with helping the vaccine injured. There may come a time when they and other doctors will need to provide healthcare to the unvaxxed. They could also be supported by the midwives and nurses who will be forced to leave their jobs over the mandate. 

Of course, an alternative society is not complete without an alternative government. There have been many examples in history of underground governments and governments in exiles being formed. Another concept that was a fixture of the Westminister system was the forming of ‘shadow governments’, which traditionally alluded to those in opposition to the ruling faction forming a ‘shadow government’ of ministers complete with a ‘shadow cabinet’ to offer an alternative for the public to elect once the ruling party had been voted out. However, this has been misused to refer to a conspiracy theory of unelected individuals having true political power rather than elected politicians.

In America, this is what Trump is accused of. However, if we take the classical definition of ‘shadow government’, then that is exactly what Trump and the patriots are doing. More specifically, they are taking over the Republican party and reshaping its politics for the people instead of corporations and globalist organisations. Trump has in fact become the ‘People’s President’, supporting and endorsing candidates at the local, state and federal level and forming a team of politicians as a viable alternative to the Biden administration.

There are many registered political parties who have not kowtowed to the woke agenda, who are willing to cooperate and work together and believe in freedom, who oppose the mandates. In England, a number of freedom fighters are contesting elections, such as the London mayoral elections, when several people stood on a platform of freedom. However, they are also standing on the platform of what to do with Britain post-Brexit; showing an acceptance of Brexit instead of trying to slow down the democratic process.

In New Zealand there are a number of parties that do not agree with the government’s powers and mandates. The time is now for cooperation between these parties to target their demographics, to mobilise support and to get elected so that we can regain our freedoms. As part of that, it may be necessary to form a shadow government that can provide an alternative to the current government. If they don’t get elected, it may be necessary to turn that shadow government into an alternative government to which freedom fighters can pledge their loyalty rather than the one we have ruling over us. This I hope would be the last resort. 

With the creation of a parallel polis, an alternative society is possible. It has happened before and it can happen again. All it takes is for the right people to come together.

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