The Hunter Biden laptop saga is the biggest stain on an already-long-blackened mainstream media. The mainstream media and Big Tech, along with the US Deep State, blatantly lied and deliberately colluded to bury a story that would almost certainly have changed the course of the 2020 presidential election.

Any pretense that Americans do not live under a corrupt, self-serving oligarchy was brutally shattered in October 2020.

The first part of this story detailed the shocking saga of what should have been the biggest US political scandal since Watergate brought down Nixon’s presidency. But why would it have done so? What was on the laptop that was so explosive that it could have changed US political history?

The sheer volume of its contents was massive: 40,000 emails, at least 1000 text messages, plus hundreds of pictures recording rampant drug use and self-produced pornographic videos.

You might protest that even the seediest photos of a politician’s son shouldn’t be a story. Once, there might have been a case for arguing that — but those days are long past. Who will honestly say that, had the laptop belonged to Donald Trump Jr, it wouldn’t have generated saturation coverage from the media for weeks, if not months and years? Remember, this is the same media that luridly speculated on the Trump family sex lives, based solely on a photo of the president with his then-young daughter sitting on his lap.

But beyond the grubby frolicks of a crack-head rich-kid, the laptop brought to light the darkest, most damning evidence of the corruption that runs, root and branch, through the Biden family — all the way to the “Big Guy” at the top. Especially their links to China.

We already know about Biden’s dealings in the Ukraine, because he openly boasted about them. The emails further confirmed, that contrary to his denials, Joe Biden met with top executives of a Ukrainian energy firm at the behest of his son. But it was in China that the Biden family’s grubby deals really revved up.

Why did a crack-smoking, hooker-banging, amateur pornographer get on so well with Chinese communists? Because they understood each other perfectly: Hunter is a princeling, just like China’s ruling class.

China’s princelings are the offspring of China’s original communist revolutionary heroes who enrich themselves and their families through an elaborate system of nepotism and cronyism, holding senior positions in state-owned enterprises or becoming high-ranked politicians. They are China’s new aristocracy, rich and powerful clans drawn from the top Communist Party cadres through birth or marriage.

More importantly, the Bidens are American exemplars of guanxi: what we in the West would call “nepotism”.

Guanxi is a way of getting ahead and getting along, which was familiar to Joe from his earliest Delaware days, when he leveraged jobs and other favours for family members from his donors […]

Joe met with Hunter’s business associates in his office in the West Wing. He took his son on Air Force Two to countries where Hunter was doing deals and, on at least one occasion, included one of Hunter’s business partners on the trip.

The elder Biden’s grasp of guanxi is so thorough that he has long been nicknamed “Quid Pro Joe” by Washington insiders. Just like Daddy, Hunter traded on the family name and leveraged his father’s position as Vice-President for financial gain in the Ukraine, in Russia, and most especially in China.

And Joe was in on the deals.

Horse-trading an equity deal with a now-bankrupt Chinese energy firm, one of the emails on Hunter’s laptop breaks the cut on “consulting fees based on introductions alone” (at $10m per year for three years) as follows: “20 H, 20 RW, 20 JG, 20 TB, 10 Jim, 10 held by H for the big guy”.

By way of context, Rob Walker is a Biden family associate, James Gilliar is a former British SAS officer who praised Hunter as “the true sheikh of Washington”, Tony Bobulinski was Hunter’s business partner, Jim Biden is Joe’s younger brother… and the “big guy”? Take a guess.

Incredibly, when Trump publicly confronted Biden regarding the contents of the laptop in one of their televised presidential debates, Biden had the audacity to respond, “You know who he [Trump] is. You know his character. You know my character. You know my reputation is for honour and telling the truth…”

Quadrant Online

C’mon, man! Joe’s reputation is very far from honourable or truthful. Biden was forced to drop out of the 1988 presidential race for lying about his academic record and plagiarising one of Neil Kinnock’s speeches to the point of inventing hard-scrabble coal-mining forebears.

And it’s not as if the Bidens have stopped. Now that they have the presidency, they’re clearly determined to enjoy it. Does anyone really believe that elites are lining up to pay half a million dollars for Hunter’s execrable “paintings”, because of their artistic merit?

Perhaps fittingly, the art dealer peddling Hunter’s “art” was sued for fraud in 2016, and advertises his strong ties to China.

If the Bidens got on so well with the Chinese because they were recognised as fellow princelings, it’s perhaps no surprise that they also made hay with the kleptocrats of the former Soviet Union.

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Hunter’s Laptop: What the Media Didn’t Want You to Know

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