The blame game has started again with Chris Hipkins accusing Kiwis vaccinated overseas of clogging up the system by “supplying their information at the last minute”.

So it had nothing to do with a system that is inadequate? Let’s instead blame the user, the victim of yet another massive mess-up by the government. Once again Kiwis experience arrant nonsense and arrogance from this incompetent government.

From the get-go, the vaccination recording process was a shambles. A slip of purple card that did not record ID. Then the need to apply for a letter on government letterhead to verify ID and vaccination status. And now the vaccine passport requires two versions, a national and an international, but both with identical information. And the fact that the 6-month expiry applies to the date of the passport download and not the date of the second vaccination. And now those vaccinated overseas are deemed to be the problem, as they are causing a delay, as their applications can take up to 14 days to be processed – manually. Each one loaded onto the database and actioned. 

“A process has been put in place for people who have had their COVID-19 vaccinations overseas to have these recognised here and submit an application for My Vaccine Pass,” Hipkins said.

“The application process for this may take up to 14 days as details will initially be manually entered into the COVID-19 immunisation register. 

“People are advised to prepare all their vaccine evidence from overseas and get their applications in as soon as possible.”

At Wednesday’s 1pm press conference, Hipkins said Kiwis “supplying their information at the last minute” is slowing the system down. 

You couldn’t make this stuff up. If you tried to design the most technically challenged piece of junk, you would come up with the government’s vaccine passport system. Bits bolted on to other bits. An unstable platform slowed to a standstill by only 5,000 applications. And then it crashes. But it’s OK: Chris Hipkins puts the blame on us and he feels absolved of any responsibility. For those of us trapped on an endless technical merry-go-round, it is incomprehensible that in the People’s Republic of Aotearoa, we cannot design and implement a system capable of meeting the demands of a few thousand people who have been jabbed overseas trying to get a vaccine passport. 

Add to the system’s chaos the elderly, those with disabilities, those without the availability of technology or technical skills, or even the eyesight necessary to complete the application without assistance. Not everyone has assistance available. The telephone helpline is a smack in the face for the deaf population and yet another insult to that significant community. We cannot use the telephone. How many times do we have to say that? And so, a considerable tranche of the ha-ha ‘team’ of 5 million cannot participate in daily life, such as that is these days, as they are locked out of the processes involved and cannot get their ‘papers’.  Apartheid by ‘passport’. 

Those who share an email address cannot get passports for both as the system won’t accept two passes with one email address.  

It seems the system, if it can be dignified with that description, was put together like a jigsaw by technically challenged imbeciles, and the bits that fell on the floor got chewed by the dog, should they be found, will never fit. It is lucky indeed that the technical whizz-kids the Government has paid our money to for the design of the system are not working for NASA; otherwise the space crew would be blamed for missing the mark and entering a galaxy far, far away.

People have done everything that has been asked of them. Even had they not wanted the coercion they have accepted it and met the PM’s demands. Why then does the government not reciprocate by ensuring fulfilment of their system, making it effective and fully operational? It is a further demonstration of their incompetence that we are unable to participate in the ‘freedom’ the PM so blithely announced. We are not free. We will never be free under this autocratic, incompetent and power-crazed administration. And the incomprehensibility of the traffic lights will now cause its own chaos with iwi stop-go men being the arbiters of our travel plans.

Enlightening. Cartoon credit BoomSlang. The BFD.

The chaos too of the nonsensical MIQ system continues unabated, with 1,000 rooms now removed for the moronic variant, thus destroying the hopes and dreams of that 1,000 people who had prayed for a space, to be again thrown to the floor of despair.

The critical shortage of skilled workers, those separated from family, from employment, from their lives, even if double vaxxed and negative tested – they cannot home-isolate, yet positive cases within the country are doing just that. We are living in a parallel universe where up is down. And yet Minister for Green Waste, James Shaw, was able to skip MIQ and was miraculously included in the self-isolation trial. Just like magic. Despite not having had a spot. And what of his entourage? Did they too, miraculously make it onto the elite home-isolation list?

This corrupt government has no humanity, no conscience and no accountability. Did someone say transparency? Yeah, right. 

It doesn’t matter where you look, which rock you turn over, there is something nasty lurking underneath. Two years more of this corruption and multi-faceted apartheid is a never-ending nightmare.


KSK has a Master of Management degree from the University of Auckland. She has a business management background following many years in the medical field. She is a former business mentor with Business...