It is becoming increasingly obvious that this government’s been all about control. The best way to get control is to divide and rule. This is their strategy along with a good dollop of deliberately misleading the population of their intentions. The most recent example is the traffic light system. This is a repeat of the 90% vaccination fiasco. They lead you to believe one thing and then change the rules later to suit their agenda.

The 90% vaccination target was meant to introduce the freedoms everyone was looking forward to. Auckland has basically met that target and yet we find ourselves in the highly restrictive red light scenario. You meet the target and get virtually no thanks for it. This of course was intended from the start. There was never any intention to speed things up to that extent. Control cannot be let go that easily. The reason given was that we are in a ‘transition period’. That is simply an excuse for continuing to exercise maximum control.

I listened to Grant Robertson on ZB with Heather du Plessis Allan and she was understandably annoyed with his endless smarmy drivel. In trying to answer her questions he ended up talking in circles. He talked over her in order to try and get his inane points across. His answers made no sense other than trying to justify their continuing control. The last thing they want is to cede any more control than they absolutely have to. The latest variant has appeared at just the right time. Yet more fear can be injected into the population.

Tuesday morning Robertson again fronted with Hosking (Ardern is a scaredy-cat when it comes to him) and spouted the same drivel he gave Heather. You can sense the frustration Heather and Mike are having trying to get any rationality out of the man. He said the West Coast with a low vaccination rate, 79%, is in orange because hardly anyone goes there over Christmas/New Year. So let’s all book a holiday there and prove him wrong. Robertson comes across as the Sir Humphrey of New Zealand politics – just swats all the questions away by talking tripe with an ingratiating delivery.

This government doesn’t want Covid to go away or our lives to return to normal. We would then be focusing on how useless they are. While they have everyone obsessed with Covid there are other serious issues that need dealing with, but the Government appears to be ignoring them. One of the most obvious is rising violent crime. One could be forgiven for thinking the government’s gun amnesty was a mirage. What the current gun violence has shown is that all the amnesty achieved was that law-abiding gun owners abided by the rules while Ardern’s friends in the gangs did not.

Inflation on the rise, house prices still out of control, school attendance and standards in achievement in the basic subjects, confiscation of councils water assets, wasteful spending of taxpayers money, companies going bust, a mountain of debt, dopey transport ideas, worsening poverty numbers: all these and more, the government don’t want you talking about. Like in 2020 their only hope of winning in 2023 is Covid, not because they’ve handled it well but because they’ll still have provincial New Zealand living in fear of death.

This is a sad indictment of a hopeless government. The problem they have is keeping the fear factor going for another two years, hence the convoluted joke that is the traffic light system. There are so many rules and regulations at each level that the Government has given itself acres of wriggle room to keep Covid going for as long as possible.

I predict that, as with everything else they do, they will fail. They will end up handing the election to the Opposition. Oppositions don’t win elections, governments lose them. The way this government is performing, that is the most likely outcome.

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COVID Is Ardern’s Tool to Rule


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