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The case of an elderly couple being abused, threatened, and intimidated by feral gang members at a next-door state house this week unfortunately is not an uncommon event,” says Winston Peters Leader of New Zealand First.

“The frequency of these types of incidents, where innocent law-abiding kiwis are being intimidated in their own homes and communities is entirely of the current government’s making. Turning a blind eye to crime invited its repetition.”

“Gang member numbers, violence, and meth distribution are now only matched by their levels of brazenness. They have been allowed to not only grow but flourish under the protective umbrella of this government’s woke “it’s not your fault” agenda.”

The BFD. Gang growth. Cartoon credit BoomSlang

“The lack of action or consequences is as breathtaking as the arrogance of those who are responsible for it.”

“How on earth is it sound policy to allow gang members to behave in the manner they do, in a state house, paid for by the taxpayer, with zero repercussions?”

“Our country is now in a constant state of bending over backwards for these gangs who are now learning that the worse they behave, the more the woke theorists believe they shouldn’t be touched.”

“The idea of ‘personal responsibility’ has been replaced with the idea of ‘personal excuses’ – culminating in the left’s mother of all cop-outs: if you disagree then you’re guilty of ‘racial bias and institutional racism’.”

“The only bias that is being shown by the government is more and more towards the institutional protection of criminals.”

“The actions taken by these gang members towards this elderly couple should have been met with an equal and opposite reaction from authorities – but this government is frozen in the web of a woke agenda of its own making.”

“Gang members, criminals, and anti-social idiots don’t have any extra rights than the rest of us,” says Mr Peters.

“If they commit crimes in state houses then boot them out.”

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Kainga Ora Gang Members: Boot Them Out
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