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For the past few months, we have been navigating our way through the ever-changing rules and regulations that are set out by our government…

As I come to understand the fate set out before me I would like to take this time to thank everyone for their support throughout the years… The loyalty has been amazing and I feel extremely humbled to have been on this amazing journey. 

Because the government constantly changes the narrative I cant be too clear about what the future holds for our business… But I will let you know that this hAS been a very easy decision for me. Most people say follow your gut and some say follow your heart… But In this case, I will follow my beliefs and stay true to my values and I will not be shaken. 

I was born of two parents that taught me about love, acceptance, kindness, culture, diversity, giving, serving, empathy, understanding and many more favourable qualities. I learned at a very young age to love thy neighbour…This new colour system shows no love to my fellow humans who should be seen as equal.

 I will not sign up for or be bullied into a system that doesn’t align with the very thing my foreFather’s died for… Freedom!!!

I intend for this message to be Straight to the Point and Clear 
I will NOT Discriminate, Segregate, Judge or EVER Demand your medical history In order to enter my Business.

If this doesn’t sit right with you then that is your choice which I 100% respect. I wish you well as we part our ways 
Other than that…I have a husband, 5 children to Feed, Parents to look after and a community to serve. 
Blessing in the coming days And Again I Say
                    ALL WELCOME 

Ashleigh Dari Owner/Operator

Glitz & Glam Hair and Beauty – Trafalgar Square Whanganui.

Dear Readers, please send me sb at the details of any businesses you know who refuse to discriminate against their customers so that we can promote them to the 25,000+ people who read our site every single day.

**For a handy guide to non-discriminatory businesses in your area go to


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Business of the Day
The BFD Staff

The BFD Staff

A contribution from The BFD staff.