I don’t think this country has ever had a Prime Minister as devious and dishonest as Jacinda Ardern. Her claims of being the most transparent and open government are at best platitudes and at worst downright lies. Due to her complete incompetence, it is impossible for her to work in anything but an underhanded way. Therefore she relies on obfuscation and discombobulation to see her through. In front of the television cameras, this is added to by more facial contortions than there are letters in the alphabet.

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My previous article was on her government’s lack of kindness: something she herself personifies. On Tuesday morning on Kerre McIvor’s programme, people were calling in tears due to not being able either to attend the funeral of a loved one overseas or to fly to Australia to meet up with family. These are not the first callers to ring the programme in this kind of distress. Ardern, of course, has no feelings for people in this predicament. If she did she would instigate policies that provide realistic exceptions for those who are double vaxxed. Not even a hug for these people. Cameras don’t turn up for individual hugs.

Distress has also been a part of life for small businesses owners and their staff. Ardern has no feelings for these people either. Some government help was belatedly made available, but for many the damage has already been done. The CEO of a small business organisation has grave doubts about how many in the hospitality area will reopen at the end of next week. He says the rules are confusing and not easy to understand. There is the possibility of a $15,000 fine for business owners not complying. He predicts some won’t comply out of sheer desperation.

Ardern doesn’t care about any of the problems her policies are causing. Her paycheque rolls around every week courtesy of you and me. I heard Mike Hosking reveal her salary to a UK correspondent, who was astounded; “And she’s not even any good” Hosking said.

Ain’t that the truth!

I don’t think Ardern wants to understand any of it. She has an agenda to implement and that is all that matters. The fact that people’s lives are being destroyed along the way is irrelevant to her.

She rides roughshod over everyone and everything she doesn’t like because she can. She doesn’t have your interests or mine at heart. All the smiley faces and concerned looks are a sham. Too many in this country have been taken in by it.

Fortunately, the public are waking up. Hipkins and Nash can describe what is going on any way they like, but there is stirring in the trenches. I wouldn’t even call the majority of these people protesters; they are citizens turning out to show their concern for the direction this country is being taken.

Ardern and her riff-raff Marxist cohorts will run this country into the ground if that is what it takes to achieve their aims. She has no more feelings for the country than she does for the people.

Ardern will have you believe otherwise.  She will tell you that her plan is all about a levelling up of society, stemming the great divide between the filthy rich and the poor and downtrodden. The latter will no doubt buy the argument but unfortunately will, at the end of the experiment, find themselves worse off than before. The only way she can achieve her aims is to keep the printing presses running hot and throwing around money which, in reality, she hasn’t got. The result of that is a debt we can’t repay, hyperinflation and a devaluation of our currency. A recipe for disaster.

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As the CEO of a small business said on ZB, this government has no understanding of business. He said a third of them are ex trade unionists.

Covid has been a godsend, a cover for their ulterior motives. Their so-called concern for our health is simply a smokescreen fired up by a good dollop of fear. The traffic light system is a continuation of that. Don’t be conned. Bigger issues are at play. All the loss of freedoms is supposedly keeping us from certain death. It’s not. ‘Ninety per cent vaccinated’ is a government con job: it’s evident now. Vaccination rates are going up yet so is the number of Covid cases.

It is important that the turnouts of concerned people continue. The message may go unheeded but it needs to be made just the same. Ardern must not be allowed to think that a compliant population will simply bow down to her wishes and diktats.

Barry Soper is doing a good job holding her to account at her pressers. Hosking, McIvor and du Plessis-Allan are doing likewise. These people are professionals, unlike some others we know. They would slate any government if that meant holding them to account. We can back them up by continuing to show our disdain for Ardern who is all airs and no graces.

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Ardern Is All Airs and No Graces


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