Under what circumstances can a government justify forcibly medicating people? It’s an extreme act. If a random man on the street force-injected you with something that he thought was for your own good, then obviously you would call the police. By default, it is a violation to force-medicate.

Therefore, if the government is to introduce forced vaccinations or coercive policy that leaves people with no other choice, then this can only be justified in the most desperate of circumstances. That is if we’re dealing with an event on the level of the Black Plague, and alternatives to forced medication cannot be found.

New Zealand today is light years from a black plague type event. The vast majority of people recover from Covid and hardly anyone dies. We know that the only people who have anything worth worrying about are the very old and highly vulnerable. What’s more, we now have alternatives to vaccinations. Early preventative treatments are proven, and cellphones allow us to communicate instantly to manage any outbreak of concern.

Yet what has the New Zealand government done? They have shamelessly bribed the media and openly suppressed all information that threatens to provoke vaccine hesitancy. Critics, no matter how qualified, are written off as misinformation agents instead of being duly debated. Doctors lose their licence if they do not push the pro-vaccination line. Preventative treatments are ignored and never discussed. Hard questions are not asked because ministers will never answer them.

By absolutely no reasonable measure can the government justify force-vaccinating people today – directly or indirectly. That should be clear. Vaccine coercion is evil. Indeed, if any of the coerced end up dying from their medication, then that is a case for manslaughter. When medication is forced on you then those who forced you are morally accountable for the consequences.

Our government should be doing everything it can to develop and respond to any option other than forced medication, especially when the treatment is controversial. Instead, the opposite is being played out. Alternatives are suppressed – vaccinations are coerced. This is not blind stupidity because no one is this stupid unless they want to be.

I have no idea what’s really going on behind closed political doors. No one does. But again, we know enough to see evil.

If we find that these Pfizer vaccines kill people, or seriously damage them (which might well still happen over the long term) then we must hold those responsible to account. There must be a Nuremberg 2.0 because wilful ignorance will not cut it as a defence.


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