While Marx paid a backhanded compliment to religions, Marxist regimes are implacably hostile to religion. Sure, some may exploit the likes of the idiotic “liberation theologists” while it suits, but Marxism-in-power always, sooner or later, treats religions as brutally as it does the rest of its once-useful idiots.

Because the base conceit of Marxism is power. Religions are a competitor to states for power (except in theocratic states like Islam, where religion and state are the same thing). And Marxists are jealous gods who do not share power.

Which is the real agenda behind Victorian premier Daniel Andrews’ proposed Equal Opportunity Act (Religious Exemptions) Bill.

Daniel Andrews is not a state premier so much as he is an engineer – a social engineer who is using the office of premier to impose his worldview on a depressed and dispirited populace.

Of course Andrews is a social engineer: Andrews hails from the Socialist Left faction of Victorian Labor. He also shows a remarkable affection for Communist China. Andrews may not be locking Christians up in re-education camps just yet — but don’t go giving him any ideas.

[The Bill’s] impact is best explained and illustrated by looking at schools.
Demographics have given Danandrewstan a thriving non-government school sector […]
Up until now, all of these schools have been free to employ staff they believe will best uphold their values and ethos.
Under Andrews’ equal opportunity legislation, they will face what is being called an “inherent requirements” test — a measure that will remove this right unless the school is looking to employ a principal or a religious education teacher.

It might be thought that Andrews simply misunderstands the nature of faith and religious schooling. Or maybe not.

Perhaps he well knows that a religious school with irreligious staff is a hollow shell. One less thing standing between individuals and the all-controlling State.

The legislation raises the possibility that the majority of a faith-based school’s staff could end up being agnostic, or even members of a different faith. And what becomes of a faith-based school where many of the staff don’t base their life on that faith? Well, of course, it ceases to exist except in name only – a little like democracy in Victoria.

It might also be dismissed as a ridiculous reductio argument to suppose that a drag queen Queer activist could end up teaching at a Muslim school, or that a Jewish school be forced to employ a Hizb ut-Tahriri preaching jihad. If they refuse, they will end up dragged into court by the state.

But this is Victoria, remember: if the past couple of years have taught us anything, it’s that nothing is too far-fetched to become reality in Dandrewstan.

Moreover, it raises the situation where bureaucrats and courts may well end up being asked to rule what is religious and what is not when it comes to teaching in a religious school. And could there be any greater intrusion on religious rights than a state bureaucrat defining the terms of your religion for you?

Spectator Australia

Schools are, of course, the merest tip of the iceberg, even if they serve as a cautionary example. The laws would also apply to the vast plethora of services provided by religious groups: welfare, social services, aged care and hospitals.

And eventually, the Salvation Army band may well be forced to include Pride marchers sporting ass-less chaps and rainbow dildos, while the Hare Krishnas forcibly “diversify” to include swivel-eyed beardies chanting, Hare jihad!

But, mostly it will mean that in Victoria all is within the state, nothing is against the state, nothing is outside the state.

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