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District Health Boards have released updated information about staff who are unable to continue working at DHBs because they did not receive their first COVID-19 vaccination by 11.59 pm 15  November.  

As of 9.00 am 22 November, about 1.8 % of the 20 DHB total workforce of around 80,000 had been stood down, resigned or had their employment terminated as a result of the government’s COVID-19  Public Health Response (Vaccinations) Order. A total of 1028 people were stood down, 92 staff had resigned, and 341 had had their employment terminated.  

Lead DHB CE Rosemary Clements says that DHBs continue to work through the consultation process with those unvaccinated staff members who are stood down to answer any questions they might have,  discuss other options such as redeployment, support them through the process and encourage them to consider vaccination. 

“If staff choose to be vaccinated while they are stood down, they will be able to return to their DHB.” 

In total, 52 doctors, 518 nurses and 90 midwives have now either been stood down, resigned or had their employment terminated because they have declined to be vaccinated against COVID-19.  

Of those stood down, 51 staff are awaiting an AstraZeneca vaccination. Some staff will also be awaiting the outcome of applications for medical exemptions. 

Ms Clements says that DHBs have terminated the employment of staff where no other alternative or redeployment options can be found. 

“This step has been taken when staff have confirmed that they will not be vaccinated. DHBs are  complying fully with all employment law requirements and we have engaged and agreed with health  sector unions on the processes we are following.’’ 

“Service delivery impacts will vary between DHBs and mitigations are in place where needed to  minimise any impact to services. These include careful staff rostering, and close monitoring of any areas where there may be some staff shortage. Our absolute focus is on ensuring continuity of patient  care.”  

Ms Clements says DHBs will provide a further update in early December about staff currently on stand down from the DHBs. A table providing more information by DHB about people who have been stood down can be found below. 

Note: Last week’s stand-down figures of 1309 did not include some staff who had already resigned or had their employment terminated.  

The total number of staff stood down as at 9 am Monday 22 November has decreased over the past week due to some of those people resigning or having their employment terminated. 

DHB Staff Vaccinations 

As of 9.00 am 22 November, DHBs reported the following information about staff who had been stood down. 

Please note: Numbers less than 3 in any category have been included in the Other category for privacy reasons. Senior and junior doctors, where there are more than 3 overall, but less than 3 in one of those two categories, have been described as Doctors. 


1/ Unvaccinated and Stood Down – All employees (including casuals) who are currently unvaccinated and have been stood down by DHBs, while the consultation process is completed and/or alternative arrangements are considered. This includes individuals who have applied for a medical exemption or are waiting for the AstraZeneca vaccine.  

This does not include people who have been issued notices of termination, or those whose resignations have been accepted by DHBs. 

2/ Resignation – All employees (including casuals) who have resigned and have indicated that this is (or can fairly be assumed to be) as a result of the Order. 

3/ Terminated – All employees (including casuals) who have been issued formal notice of termination of their employment, as a result of non-compliance with the Order.

DHB Stood  down  (Total)Stood down  (By role)Resigned (Total)Resigned (By role)Terminated (Total)Terminated (By role)
Northland 98 Nurses: Doctors:  Midwives:  Other: 35 4 8 51Nurses: Other:4 30
Auckland 56 Nurses: Other:18 3821 Nurses: Other:7 140
Waitemat? 33 Nurses: Midwives:  Other:8 6 19Nurses: Other:3 354 Nurses: Doctors:  Other:14 3 37
Counties  Manukau93 Nurses: Midwives:  Other:33 10 50Other: 12 Nurses: Other:6 6
Lakes 21 Nurses: Other:15 6Other: 20 Nurses: Midwives:  Other:8 3 9
Bay of Plenty 123 Nurses: Doctors:  Midwives:  Other:42 5 6 7012 Other: 12 Other: 1
Waikato 138 Nurses: Doctors: Midwives:  Other:60 6 10 62N/A 25 Nurses: Other:10 15
Tairawhiti 22 Nurses: Other:9 13N/A N/A 0
DHB Stood  down  (Total)Stood down  (By role)Resigned (Total)Resigned (By role)Terminated (Total)Terminated (By role)
Taranaki 18 Nurses: Other:4 14Other: 35 Nurses: Other:16 19
MidCentral 39 Nurses: Other:13 26Other: N/A 0
Hawke’s Bay 47 Nurses: Other:17 30Other: 28 Nurses: Midwives: Other:7 4 17
Whanganui 15 Nurses: Other:7 8Other: 14 Other: 14
Wairarapa Nurses: Other:4 2Other: Other: 2
Hutt Valley 31 Nurses: Midwives: Other:11 3 17N/A Other: 3
Capital &  Coast68 Nurses: Midwives: Other:26 5 3712 Nurses: Other:4 8Other: 2
Nelson  Marlborough 100 Nurses: Other:33 67Other: N/A 0
Canterbury 66 Nurses: Doctors: Other:24 4 38Other: 91 Nurses: Midwives: Other:24 7 60
West Coast Nurses: Other:3 6N/A 21 Nurses: Other:9 12
South  Canterbury Nurses: Other:3 3N/A Other: 3
Southern 39 Nurses: SMOs: Midwives: Other:17 3 6 13Other: 30 Nurses: Doctors:  Other:11 7 12

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