Jacinda Ardern and her Government would have you believe they are all about kindness. Well, they are but not in a pleasant way. They actually reek of it. In their world kindness = control. ‘By being controlling we are being kind’ is their unwritten motto. This is the reality of how the hard left operates. In the case of Covid, they have used fear to bully people into being vaccinated and also to cower them into submission. This is what kindness is in their world. It is a political kindness, not a human kindness.

It is political because they think once the population have been manipulated, you can have your way with them. They believe that, provided you can keep the fear factor going, the people will acquiesce to whatever is put in front of them.

Confiscation of water assets, hate speech legislation, going soft on crime, manipulating the history syllabus and buying off the media: all are actions they believe they can get away with if the public is scared witless.

Ardern, Robertson, Hipkins, Little, Nash and the rest of Cabinet and caucus have been anything but kind. Anyone they don’t like who gets in their way is labelled. Hipkins said some of those spreading misinformation to Maori groups were “white supremacists“. Any evidence Chris? Nash said Groundswell was a mixture of “anti-vaxxers and racists”. Who does he think he’s kidding?

Bloomfield, who has been given far too much power, has turned kindness into arrogance. He was very happy for those he knows to sit on a beach and swim during level four while the rest of us were kept locked up. More recently his Ministry was caught out delaying replies to OIA requests. His recommendations for lockdowns have only served to increase the fear factor. The fear factor is also being peddled by highly paid modellers, forecasting crazy numbers of deaths if we step outside our front door. None of this can possibly be called kindness.

Instituting rules that we are told are keeping us from imminent death is not kind either. The population, with the exception of Auckland, still appears to be living in a state of fear. This is neither good for the individual nor for the nation’s psyche. Living in a continual state of fear causes all sorts of mental and emotional stress. Stress is also being caused to those denied surgical and other health needs. This has been caused by a government that has done nothing to improve things in the health sector since Covid struck in March last year. No kindness here either.

However, the fightback has begun. Recent protests have been about more than Covid. First to rise up were the farmers, irate at the unnecessary rules and regulations forced upon them by the government. Over the last few weeks there have been other protests, brought about by Covid, demanding our freedoms back. Add to that the latest Groundswell protest and it is obvious that there is a mix of fear and grumpiness in the country. Businesses in lockdown for months; hospitality, gyms and hairdressers unnecessarily so. Robertson visits these people and says he’s got the message. Why aren’t these businesses open then? There is no kindness in any of this.

The MIQ debacle is the opposite of kindness. It’s a “lottery of human misery”, as Chris Bishop so aptly describes it. People unable get back from overseas for Christmas and people denied being with their loved ones during their last days: hardly kind.

There’s no reason why fully vaccinated Kiwis can’t return for Christmas, there’s no reason why they can’t be with their dying loved ones. Far from being kind, this shows a callous streak in Ardern.

It is the type of despicable behaviour you get when you have a control freak in charge – someone who is wrecking people’s lives in pursuit of her own dangerous agenda.

Kind Jacinda. Photoshopped image credit RantyKiwi

Once the borders are gone the fear factor will be gone as well. Everyone will have to face the fact that Covid is just another virus we have to learn to live with. That is what reconnecting with the real world means. Unless we as a country are happy to go broke there is no other option. The world needs what we have to offer and the farmers and other exporters need the resultant revenue to stay in business.

Ardern needs to wake up to the fact that there is an ominous trend showing up in the polls that is being reflected in protests around the country. People’s human nature is coming to the fore. Many have realised they have to live with Covid and want their freedoms back. Ardern is losing the room and heading for an ugly election defeat in 2023, not just to do with Covid but also for having failed in all other areas as well.

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Ardern’s Government Is the Antithesis of Kindness


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