There seems to be a ramping up of the fear factor as the Government walks back their two week old goal of achieving 90% vaccination across the country.

David Fisher has obviously been sitting far too close to cellphone transmission towers and has spewed forth a mad rambling from his fevered imagination, that increasing polarisation and protests may, possibly, if we look really hard in some dark corners, or even maybe analyse Trademe sales of white sheets in order to find…wait for it…a terrorist, sitting in his undies fomenting mischief without realising he is actually just waiting, perhaps for a coded message subliminally sent via the Podium of Truth, to set forth and commit mass murder.

It was that ridiculous. Seek help David, seriously, you’re nuts.

Speaking of nuts, we’ve seen Rod Jackson, a purveyor of doom and pestilence attack Simon Thornley in the pages of the NZ Herald and also at Radio New Zealand. His claims are loaded with ad hominem attacks and a distinct lack of science. Thornley et al have responded at Plan B, debunking the debunkers at Radio New Zealand.

Then we saw Chris Hipkins use parliamentary privilege to bizarrely claim that Maori were the victims of disinformation perpetrated by white supremacists. Yes, really.

Then there are the shabby chancers and grifters at the state-funded rent a statistic crew from Te Punaha Matatini. What does one do when every model you put out has been found wanting or is so far out of the ballpark they are in the car park across the road? Well, you look back and produce a model that falls flat on its face in 5 seconds, but one which the corrupt media lackeys repeat like it is gospel.

If New Zealand hadn’t bothered to lock down when COVID-19 arrived on our doorstep, it likely would have infected a third of us and killed more than 30,000 by the end of 2020, new modelling suggests. 

Even just waiting a few weeks later to go to alert level 4 would have left hundreds dead, researchers at Te Punaha Matatini found, and made elimination almost impossible.

In contrast, shutting the border slightly earlier or later would have made little material difference, the modelling found – and locking down earlier might paradoxically have made elimination less likely.


David Farrar nails it:

Sadly David, taxpayer money, to the tune of $6 million has indeed been wasted on that nonsense.

So why has all this humbug appeared in parliament and in the media from Jacinda’s little helpers?

It’s all about the fear, so you all keep lining up to get jabbed. After yesterday’s announcement of the coming announcement, it is clear that the Government has had to admit failure in their lofty goal of forcing 90% of people to be jabbed, by hook or by crook.

They’ve failed and so will cover it up by tempting you all with a slice of the freedom, that they took away in the first place. And you know it is a failure when even your boot lickers at Stuff give you a crap headline.

And if you thought that was a bad headline try this one on for size:

Make no mistake, the Government and Jacinda Ardern are on the back foot. Their much-heralded announcement of a coming announcement has gone down like a cup of week-old dog sick, slightly warmed up in the microwave.

We have seen through their flannel. We know they are lying, they know they are lying, they know we know they are lying, we know they know we know they are lying, but they are still lying.

So, Jacinda’s little helpers in the media and their bought and paid for “scientists” are amping up the fear.

No one yet has stopped to consider how Auckland with well over 90% jabbed still has ever-increasing case counts. Now other areas of the country are approaching similar levels you are going to see their case counts increase too. When people realise that they’ve been conned, that the vaccine hasn’t protected them and that it is all a sham then there is going to be more than tennis balls chucked at the liars and grifters.

Worse still will the anger in Auckland, after what will be 121 days of lockdown. Four long months of wrecked lives, wrecked jobs, wrecked businesses, all for nothing.

Jacinda Ardern can shove her platitudes and fake concern up her jacksie, sideways.

This was never about our health. It was about her international credibility. Jacinda Ardern wants to be the bestest, number one, betterer than all the rest. She wanted to have the fastest and highest vaccine rollout despite her long and slow rollout. Now it is all failing, as it always was going to.

So she is performing a reverse ferret on 90% vaxxed and her little helpers in the media are trying to help her by saying there was no evidence of the ferret in the first place.

Time’s up. Freedom now. We are done with this Government. They can stick their borders.

Oh…and watch for the little trap she’s set for you all on January 17 2022…when the borders get slammed shut again after your little taste of summer freedom.

You can’t believe a word that dribbles from her increasingly incoherent mouth. Remember short and sharp…that was a lie, a lie that will last 121 days.

Enough, just go, you aren’t wanted anymore.

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