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Three polls in the last week and they all carry the same message. The tidal wave of support for Jacinda Ardern is receding. If the trend continues it threatens to become something of a dangerous rip. One poll was conducted by a left-leaning organisation, one by an organisation on the right and the other supposedly an independent one run by Colmar Brunton. So three polls run by three different arms of the political spectrum are all telling much the same story.

The response to this by the politically paid-off media is all too predictable. Crawling out from under their rocks came the left-wing media hacks. Like hibernating snakes in the grass, they emerged to spit their venom. The venom was of course aimed at one person – Judith Collins. At this point in time, two media snakes in particular are slithering around, both leftie dependables: Claire Trevett and Jessica Mutch-McKay. When the next Newshub poll emerges, no doubt the ever-reliable Tova O’Brien will also join in.

Like snakes, these so-called journalists are pretty thick-skinned. They take any criticism of their reporting as another notch in their belts so to speak. They deliberately pursue an agenda to be supportive of the Prime Minister and harmful to the Leader of the Opposition in particular. They see Judith as a threat to their girlfriend. This isn’t just about politics, it’s about using their position for a personal crusade to save their idol’s skin. To succeed, they have to do their best to remove the threat.

The best way to achieve their goal is to destabilise the National Party. The method they have chosen is to bang on about the return of Simon Bridges. Why would they be taking this tack? The simple reason is they know he failed before in the popularity stakes and the polls show he is no more popular now than he was then. This is ‘journalism’ at its worst. These types, who profess to be professionals in their sphere of work, are nothing more than paid toadies of Jacinda Ardern.

The 1 pm pressers were a good example. Remember when it came to questions from the Media it was always Jessica then Tova or Tova first then Jessica. As the trend in the polls will undoubtedly continue, the attacks on Judith will get more sustained and quite possibly more venomous. These media snakes will attempt to wrap themselves around her and strangle the political life out of her.

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The National Party, particularly the MPs, need to be aware and awake to what the game is. Judith’s strength is exactly that, her strength. That strength will be much needed when National is in government. The next election will not be determined by who is the leader of either Labour or National. Ardern may very well be gone by then. Her temperament cannot cope with losing an election. The UN will be beckoning. It will be Collins versus Robertson. Brains versus brawn. Grant’s comedic one-liners won’t cut it.

The economy is going to go pear-shaped. If you think it’s bad now you ain’t seen nothing yet. If this crowd couldn’t achieve during economically good times they have no show between now and the election. Judith Collins, a specialist in tax law, will crucify the public servant Robertson in the finance area. By the time of the next election Judith’s plate will, in terms of what she has to feast off, resemble a mouth-watering roast dinner while Grant will be left with a ham sandwich if he’s lucky.

This is no time to think of changing the leader. National need to keep observing the trend in the polls over the next year and then see where they sit. At that point, but not before, should they pursue change in the leadership if necessary. Judith has stabilised the party and brought much-needed leadership. The party needs to hold firm and keep attacking the most useless government this country has had the misfortune to be saddled with.

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Media Snakes Want Judith Out


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