On Wednesday the government told us, in a grotesque example of how power-mad they’ve become, that they were going to restrict Aucklanders from leaving town for the summer holidays, and the un-vaccinated were going to remain corralled in the Auckland Gulag.

Checkpoint Charlie. Photoshopped image credit Cam Slater. The BFD.

Their suggestion that Aucklanders (except for the filthy un-vaccinated) should book a departure slot for their holidays, so checking your papers could be better managed, was met with howls of outrage.

Even the Police union described the whole idea as a debacle in the making:

The Police Association fears that managing Auckland’s regional boundary ahead of Christmas will be “a disaster” for the already over-stretched officers stationed at the checkpoints, with the Government yet to seek advice on the best way to manage the onslaught of Aucklanders desperate to escape.


That was why you saw Grant Robertson move to counteract the insane utterings of Chris Hipkins, who clearly had let the cat out of the bag far too early, and also those of the Prime Minister. They have begun to walk back the whole idea of restricting Aucklanders, such was the level of outrage they encountered.

But no matter how fast they walk back their statements, Aucklanders will always remember that they at least tried it on for size. The Police also know that there is no way they can cope with a mass exodus.

But you have to look at the underlying decision-making for even uttering such thoughts from the government. It has become abundantly clear that there is no longer any cogent decision making going on in this government. Their own pollsters have detected that voters no longer see the government as sensible, cogent or even believable. This is causing blind panic within the senior ranks of the party.

It is now obvious that the government is using fear to drive up vaccinations. In addition to the message of raw fear is also FOMO (fear of missing out), which is what they have used with Auckland and their threat of locking us all up for summer.

The underlying reason for the government, and Jacinda Ardern in particular, driving wedges in society between the unvaccinated and vaccinated is astonishingly simple and venal.

Jacinda Ardern craves attention and, like the narcissist she is, she wants to be the best or the first or the most popular at everything. She is simply trying to recover from the reputational damage of firstly having the slowest vaccine rollout in the OECD and then letting Delta escape MIQ. So she will start to change the narrative, to say that New Zealand (of course because of her decisions) had the fastest rollout with the best coverage in the shortest amount of time from when they first began. You are already seeing this messaging with her gloating that we have got more of our people vaccinated than Israel.

She wants 90% vaccinated to reclaim her world title of being the best at defeating Covid. But that is the extent of her goals. She just wants 90% plus vaccinated. She surely must know that inside six months the Delta outbreak will be out of control; there will be more vaccinated in hospital and more deaths, in stark contrast to her promises that you’d all be better off.

She is doing this because when she exits and leaves Grant Robertson holding an increasingly sick economic baby she will be able to install herself in a cushy sinecure position at the UN. She is that shallow, venal, and self-centred. This isn’t about our health; it is about control and making her look good.

This is why she is back in the bunker, shell-shocked after being confronted by the angry citizenry on what was supposed to be a royal tour and mass adulation. Her agoraphobia took hold in Whanganui and she was rushed from the clutches of the angry mob by her protection team to the Whanganui police station.

She is struggling to understand why the people are not grateful. She is genuinely perplexed about what has unfolded. All media were cancelled on Thursday and she hunkered down.

The government have shown they are incompetent, and the mask has slipped. People can now see the empress has no clothes. We are now seeing the inexorable slide to electoral oblivion. The voters of Auckland will not forget this, no matter how fast they walk it all back. The rest of New Zealand is becoming increasingly uneasy about the push to demonise and ostracise the unvaccinated and they are definitely over the drive to embed apartheid into the state mechanism.

But the heartening thing we can all enjoy is that by resolutely and steadfastly standing up to these tyrants, it is actually making them take a step backwards. More pressure will mean more steps backwards, and soon they will be routed faster than a French Army.

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Marching Backwards Faster than the French Army
Cam Slater

Cam Slater

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