I watched Liz Gunn’s Rumble video with joyful delight. At last, a person with some credibility and media training was standing up and saying what so many of us were thinking. She is respected, liked and generally well known. If anyone could lead us out of the vale of shadow, maybe it could be her.

Everything she said made sense. We are being robbed of rights we took for granted just a matter of weeks ago. It doesn’t matter if you are jabbed. The Bill of Rights allows anyone to refuse any medical procedure that they choose. That is really important. After all, remember how the Nazis did horrific experiments on Jews? We never want to see those dark days again.

If you don’t want the jab, are afraid of it, think it might harm you, are worried for your unborn child or whatever, you have the right to refuse it. And so you can, but the trouble is, it might cost you your job, your business or your livelihood by saying no. As we head towards a vaccination rate of about 80%, there is no need to force the rest of our society to have the jab. 80% – or even 75% – is a rate high enough for most countries to call off the restrictions and allow people to return to normal.

But not here.

Liz Gunn points all this out, and many people agree with her. I certainly do. But Liz does have a problem that may cost her in the long run. Her incredible passion for the subject is causing her to say some things that do not sound completely credible, and of course, the media, bought and paid for by the government, will do anything they can to discredit her and make her seem like just another anti-vax nutter.

In her video, she lost me at the point where she claimed that Jacinda caused Friday’s earthquake, as it coincidentally happened while Jacinda was on the podium. It turns out, as she explained to Heather du Plessis-Allan on Tuesday, that she meant it allegorically, quoting the Maori worldview of their relationship to the earth. The damage was done by then though – the Herald had jumped on the claim and described her video as a bizarre anti-vaccine rant online.

With her media training, Liz ought to know better than to give the media an opportunity like that. She knows what they are capable of; she describes them as merchants of government propaganda in her video.

And yet she gave them the perfect opportunity to tear her to pieces.

On ZB’s Drive programme on Tuesday, her passion was, once again, on display. She couldn’t stop talking. Heather du Plessis-Allen couldn’t get a word in, or a question, so fired up was Liz on her topic.

I agree with everything that Liz is saying. I just don’t like the way she is saying it. One of the listeners called her ‘unhinged’. She did sound a bit that way, and for those who do not totally agree with her, it gives them the opportunity to dismiss her as a nutter. This couldn’t be further from the truth. But Liz, with her background in media, also knows that it is the cool heads that make the best impression. Stay focused, stay measured and answer the questions with facts, not emotion. Otherwise, the media will just dismiss her as another anti-vax fruitcake. They have started to do that already.

We really need Liz. She is the perfect person for this role. She is someone that can be taken seriously. Everything she says about the current media and those in it is absolutely true. But they will tear her apart because she is letting emotion get the better of her. After all, they don’t want to lose their lucrative gigs because of some washed-up has-been, do they?

Today, the announcement that the government will ram through the Three Waters proposals regardless of what councils want, is another nail in the coffin for democracy in this country. We cannot just allow the government to ride roughshod over us again and again. We need someone like Liz Gunn.

Please Liz. Take a deep breath and start over… for all our sakes.

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We Need Someone like Liz Gunn


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