Vaccine data is easily misinterpreted when the context is missing.

Yesterday a link was posted to a video entitled, OFFICIAL UK DATA SHOWS KIWIS ARE BEING SERIOUSLY MISLED ABOUT THE COVID-19 JAB.

The video featured this NHS (United Kingdom) table:

The claim was made that rates of illness are higher in vaccinated people aged 4o and over than in the unvaccinated. Based on the data above that is correct.

However, the video ignored three other tables.

A more recent version of the NHS surveillance report features the equivalent table;

Similar numbers as you would expect.

The next three tables however were not provided in the video.

Table 3 shows that rates of cases presenting to emergency care were much higher among the unvaccinated.

The presenter in the video also stated that 70 per cent of covid deaths were among vaccinated people. But far more people are vaccinated than unvaccinated.

Table 4 shows that deaths occur at much higher rates in the unvaccinated:

The complete set of tables has been provided in the interests of balance.

If further guidance is required about data interpretation here is the report’s advice:

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Vaccine Data and Missing Context
Reproduced with permission

Reproduced with permission

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