The word “vaccine” these days no longer means what it used to mean, and likewise when you hear that people can now get medical “exemptions” from having the Covid vaccine in New Zealand you would be wise to not get your hopes up.

What Jacinda Ardern has failed to tell us all is that the medical exemption is nothing but a mirage.

One of our readers has had not one but three heart operations. Because the mRNA vaccine has been shown to cause heart and vascular problems he applied for an exemption to his GP confident that with his circumstances he would easily gain an exemption.

The reply he received is below. It appears that the government through the MOH have mandated that no exemptions be given.

Our reader has said that this has lessened his trust in the medical profession and increased his absolute disdain for Ardern and her cohorts.

I took your email to [redacted] this morning.  From what we can see it looks like you may have taken information from the mandatory workers order?   But regardless, [redacted] has asked me to reply to reassure you that vaccination is a safe option for you and at this stage, GP’s are not exempting patients from the vaccination based on the scientific information available.  Below is an excerpt that was sent to the Practice last week from the Ministry of Health;

“Following the recent vaccine mandate announcements, Primary and Urgent Care clinicians are likely to be fielding requests for vaccine exemptions.   The Immunisation Advisory Centre (IMAC) are in active conversation with the Ministry of Health about vaccine exemption certificates in the rare instance these may be required and they are developing a process. We will provide an update when this is available.    In the interim, clinicians are requested not to issue exemptions.   It is important to note that there is almost no medical reason to issue such an exemption.”

[redacted] feels that vaccination is the safest way forwards for you but if you would like to talk to the Immunisation Advisory Centre so they can discuss the risks and benefits with you, they are the experts at Auckland University and you can contact them on  0800 466 863.

I hope this provides you with a good source of accurate and up to date information based on global data.

Question: When is an exemption not an exemption?

Answer: When there is no medical circumstance under which it will be given.

Jacinda Ardern is playing with people’s lives. She is making people think that there is a way to get out of her mandated vaccine when there isn’t.

The vaccine exemption is a lie.

If any of our readers have managed to secure a vaccine exemption for religious or other reasons, please share how you managed it, in the comments.


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When Is an Exemption Not an Exemption?
Juana Atkins

Juana Atkins

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