Joanna Pennyfeather

So it is finally official. 

New Zealand is a two-class system, with some people granted some of their basic human rights and freedoms back, and others being actively and legally discriminated against. 

The unpersoning of the unvaccinated is now government policy. Medical apartheid is now a fact. 

Don’t take my word for it; take it from the Prime Minister herself. When asked the question whether it was fair to say that she had created a two-class system, she responded that that was exactly what it was, followed by a smug smile. 


New Zealand has now become a very dangerous country to live in, for the unvaccinated and vaccinated alike. 

If you are unvaccinated, and you intend to stay that way, you are now a second-class citizen. You don’t have basic human rights and freedom. Your continued existence in society depends upon the whims and wishes of a government that has proven to be tyrannical and, to be frank, anything but kind. 

These days the phrase “be kind”, which was so often repeated by the Prime Minister during the first lockdown, only brings to mind the words of C. S. Lewis:

“Of all tyrannies, a tyranny sincerely exercised for the good of its victims may be the most oppressive … [because] those who torment us for our own good will torment us without end for they do so with the approval of their own conscience”.

Now, you may think that the recent news of vaccine exemptions in the “no jab, no job” public health order offers you a way out and that you can be exempt from being required to take the vaccine and still retain your job. You may also think that all the pressure against the government mandates forced them to put the right to exemption into the law, that you won a victory. 

To believe this would be a mistake. 

The vaccine exemption is an indulgence. It is not meant to actually give people a way out, but to give people the belief that there is a way out. It is meant to pacify the resistance for a while so that the resisters relax and either willingly or resignedly let the vaccine passport regime be put in place. At the same time, why wouldn’t the next steps of the plan be secretly put in motion, likely to include an eventual rejection of the exemptions?

There goes the victory.

So do not believe that you have won. The abyss cannot be crossed in two small steps. To attempt that is to fall into oblivion. Unless it’s a total victory, nothing is won and you are being played. 

Nietzsche stated that “everything the state says is a lie”, and the current vaccine exemption is just that: a lie. In a similar fashion, Ardern didn’t change her mind from not wanting vaccine passports back in August to rushing to implement them now. The statements in August were just part of the plan. 

She was lying then, and she is lying now. 

Make no mistake, the denial of your basic human rights is just the start. From historical experience, once you separate people into two groups, humans and subhumans, the end result is always that the subhumans’ rights are more and more eroded. They are, after all, less than human. Why should they be afforded rights? Aren’t all our current problems in society the fault of those dirty subhumans that spread disease and death, regardless of whether they are infected or not, wherever they go? 

In a very real sense, they become the scapegoat of society, just like the witches of old. And society, firmly entrenched in a mass psychosis, only sees one way out of its current predicament: to purge the subhumans from society. Only that way will all the ills be cured.

History is full of examples of this – we have seen it all before. It shouldn’t be news to anyone.

But what if you are vaccinated? You are now part of the privileged team of 90%. Surely you are safe, and nothing of this will affect you. That is what they want you to think. 

After all, you were one of the “good ones”. 

You were part of the team of five million.

You lined up to take the shot when you were told to. 

You obeyed. 

You complied. 

You were a “good citizen”.

But stop and think about the kind of system of which you are now becoming a part.

Your right to exist in society will from now on depend on what the government has decided you should put into your body. Yes, you are privileged for now. But in six to nine months your rights will be up for grabs again, and retaining your rights will depend on whether or not you take the booster shots. Yes, that’s plural. Surely you don’t think it’ll stop with one booster shot, do you?

And just to be clear, it won’t stop with the COVID vaccine either. Who knows what else they will want to put into your body while threatening to relegate you to the camp of subhumans and to exclude you from society. The only limitation to what you may be required to put into your body is your own imagination. 

The truth is simple. 

By accepting this system, you are agreeing to a principle: inject yourself with what the government tells you, or be excluded from society. 

They will tell you that they are not forcing you, that you have a choice, but this is a lie. It’s no more a choice than what the rapist gives their rape victim: let me put this inside you and violate your bodily integrity, or I will take your life. 

Many people will naturally cave in under the immense pressure of such a threat. But nobody, and I mean nobody, ever mistakes that for a voluntary and willing decision.

So you, the vaccinated, reading this – how long will you comply and obey? 

How long are you going to be a “good citizen”? 

At what point will you draw the line? 

When is enough, enough?

Because they first came for the border workers, but you didn’t speak out because you were not a border worker. 

Then they came for the health workers and the teachers, but you didn’t speak out because you were neither. 

Then they came for the unvaccinated in general, but you didn’t speak out because you were already double jabbed.

Then they came for the people that refused to take the boosters, but you didn’t speak out because you complied and took your booster. 

Eventually, when they come for you, there will be no one left to speak out. 

You may think that you are inconsequential and that what you do or say makes no difference – that you are just a small drop in the ocean. But remember, as the abolitionist in David Mitchell’s Cloud Atlas put it, “what is any ocean but a multitude of drops?”. 

United we turn the tide, divided we drown. 


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