Dear Editor

The legacy of Ardern is shaping up to be the most divisive in NZ history, even surpassing Muldoon’s tenure as PM and that is somewhat unkind to him as he achieved many good things and his modus operandi was clearly understood.

The current government has been surreptitiously introducing a totalitarian regime under the guise of kindness and pandemic fear.

The fact is that Ardern has allowed the virus to gain access to our Island Nation through insufficient border controls, MIQ facilities and through complacency in a slow vaccine procurement and roll out.

The reaction has been a scramble to rectify, coverup and then constantly remind us we are “world leaders”. It appears our compliant populace, the majority, have learned nothing from history in particular 1930’s Germany. At that time the Reich Ministry of public enlightenment and propaganda or RMVP was created to enable uniform public behaviour on matters of interest to the state and to deify their leader through media manipulation of public sentiment and opinion.

Don’t you just love acronyms, well we have the PIJF, perhaps a softer version but no less insidious in manipulating our media with this targeted funding and promoting the “only source of truth” mantra.

We are allowing family, friends and associates to be divided and segregated due to the pandemic and government edicts.

There are now divisions between the vaccinated and the unvaccinated, North and South Islands and along racial lines. Even the virus itself with its many anthropomorphisms appears to be “racist” targeting our Maori and Pacifica people.

There is a history of divisive policy with this government. We need not look further than He Puapua, Three Waters and separate health boards.

The naivety of the population never ceases to amaze me as they have literally bought into the phrase, “I’m from the government and I’m here to help”, hook line and sinker.


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Letter to the Editor: Ardern’s Divisive Legacy


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