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Today’s comment was written by Lindis Thank you Lindis for taking the time to craft such an interesting comment.

Our MSM is just at rock bottom, isn’t it? The doctor in Methven (Sophie Febery) who had the audacity to resign from her GP practice must now be hounded and ridiculed for her decision to reject the Pfizer vaccine and criticise Ardern’s plan.

Today a Stuff journalist, Nadine Porter, attempted to do just that with the headline “GP who may quit over her covid 19 stance told anti vax rally she tried to import ivermectin”.

This journalist sought to belittle and mock this Doctor and as part of that had this to say about ivermectin … “a drug used to de worm livestock and a few human conditions such as intestinal disease caused by roundworm , certain parasites in blood or tissue and for scabies after prior treatment has failed ………ivermectin is dangerous in high doses … ”.

This journalist is thrilled that the ivermectin this GP tried to import to help her patients was stopped at the border. That is the state of the MSM in this country. She doesn’t even know or care that the vaccine being imported by pallet loads has actually killed some patients, whereas ivermectin has cured millions with no deaths.

How do these journalists live with themselves, more importantly, how WILL these journalists live with themselves when the truth comes out as it always does.

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