Libertarian Meme.

Let’s start with the classic definition of libertarianism in a nutshell. Basically, it’s you can do whatever you like so long as you cause no harm to others.

Fairly simple, right? But note that under the classic definition “do” means actually doing something. That means I can refuse to get the Covid vaccine even if in doing so I end up causing harm to others, hypothetically speaking of course, as I’m not actually doing anything.

This means the government can’t mandate that we all have to get vaccinated. And that includes making things so difficult that you virtually have no choice but to get vaccinated.

For businesses though, it means a restaurant can refuse entry for those who aren’t vaccinated. It’s not the same as a “No Blacks Allowed” sign because not getting vaccinated is a choice while race isn’t.

But wait. What if you can’t get vaccinated for say medical reasons? Then it is discrimination, meaning that the restaurant has to make exemptions for those who can’t get vaccinated. And discrimination means causing harm to others.

So a quick summary. The government can’t mandate that everyone must get vaccinated, nor can they mandate that businesses have to refuse entry to those who aren’t vaccinated. Businesses can refuse entry or service to those unvaccinated but must allow exemptions.

However, some people who call themselves libertarians believe that “do no harm” means you can’t not do something if not doing that thing results in harm to others. For example, choosing not to take the jab, and, hypothetically speaking (again), spreading the virus.

The problem with this is that it means compulsion. That is: you can be compelled to do something. And that is very dangerous.

It’s pretty obvious that the present government is as far from libertarian as you can get and those parties that call themselves libertarian and support “no jab no job” aren’t libertarian at all.


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The Libertarian View of the COVID Vaccine


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