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Dear Prime Minister

1) Why are we still using a PCR test amplified to 40 or 45 cycles to “test” for Covid, when we know (and the CDC and WHO have informed us) that such testing is fraught with a huge proportion of false positives?

2) Why, at the outset of the pandemic, did the NZ Government remove our ability to access antibody testing through local labs? (This means we are unable to test to determine if we have naturally occurring immunity from previous exposure or infection.)

3) Why is our Medical Council putting the fear of God into any doctor who wishes to prescribe “Mr Ivor Mick Tin” for “off label” prevention or treatment of Covid? And why are those New Zealanders who have been reduced to importing from overseas, seeing their precious package thrown into the bin at NZ Customs?

4) Why are you refusing to discuss the reality of what you are seeing in countries around the world, with New Zealanders?  Why are you not telling them about Israel, UK and USA, where the most heavily vaccinated populations in the world are seeing massive outbreaks and huge numbers hospitalised and dying….despite at least 2 and now 3 jabs?

5) Why are you not telling New Zealanders that the vaccinated are highly likely the “super spreaders” now? With their massive viral load combined with reduced symptoms when infected, they will go about their lives; out and about and infecting others.

6) Why are you not using your 1pm updates to remind clinicians that ALL changes in health in the weeks following the jab MUST be reported to CARM….as this is a drug that has only provisional consent, and no long history of proof of safety or efficacy?

7) Why are you not helping New Zealanders understand that this is not “just another jab”?  That many of the 58 questions to Pfizer (including numerous safety and purity questions) asked by Medsafe remain unanswered, despite the millions of doses now administered here.

8) Why is our academia not publicly debating ANY of the many issues under scrutiny in far flung corners of the world….including the growing proof of a rapid antibody decline in the few months post jab….setting the stage for the very real concern of Antibody Dependent Enhancement (e.g. the jab changing your immune system in a way which allows the virus easier entry to cells, and a catastrophic immune response)?

9) Why are our medical practitioners not calling YOU to account over the millions of severe post-vaccination injuries now recorded in databases around the world (VAERS, Yellow Card UK, VigiAccess etc)….and the tens of thousands of post vaccination deaths?

10)  Why do our people live in abject terror of Covid? So many believe that if they catch it it is tantamount to a death sentence. Virtually no one understands that mortality is strongly skewed to the elderly and comorbid….and that your average healthy under- 60-year-old is likely to experience a “bad flu” (or less).

11) Why…when your mantra is “be kind”, are you turning Kiwis against Kiwis?  Your own partner implored us, just this week, to pressure, cajole, punish, separate and do whatever else it takes to get someone over the jab line. 

12) Why, when 30,000 anguished comments landed on your Facebook call out for “adverse reactions”….did you simply have them wiped away with a click of a button, like dog dirt on the sole of your favourite shoes?

13) Why are our children now being lined up for the vaccination, with NO discussion, debate, or public consultation, such as we have seen in many other corners of the world? Instead being presented as an obvious, commonsense ‘fait accompli’, which it most clearly is not.

14) Why are parents not given the information they need to give INFORMED consent for their precious children….and while we are on that subject, how come our scatty, pubescent 12 year olds are deemed fit to make that choice FOR THEMSELVES, EVEN OVERRIDING PARENTAL OPPOSITION?


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Dear Prime Minister, Why?
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