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We can only hope that the Prime Minister accepts the logic of my various recent submissions.  Because monoclonal antibodies such as Regeneron ™ will be so unwieldy and expensive, they may well be used along with many other prescription medicines but will not replace the more general use of Ivermectin as prophylaxis and a viral load reducing treatment.

Otherwise, I see no way forward to return our country to the position of a trading nation and to defeat Covid-19.  The six months’ time, benefit and cost horizon was chosen below because PM Ardern and the MOH hope that Merck’s Molnupirivir ™ will work sometime in 2022.

In reality, the decision should be a “no brainer” to copy Uttar Pradesh and the dozen others now following their lead.  We must learn to live with and treat Covid-19 just like any other form of influenza.

Dear Prime Minister Ardern,

For the last 2,000 years there have always been snake oil salesmen, but since the 1950s the Global Pharmaceutical Corporations have taken that (sometimes dubious) profession to a new level by working within the framework set down by the organisations they now fund to ensure their own self-interest. Their major shareholders also control the mainstream media (that in my youth was called “the free press”). 

Because it is so easy to stay in the herd and because we see only what “Big Pharma” wants us to see, we have almost forgotten what a brave person looks like. Well, here are the opinions of two expert and world-class clinicians on the subject of how to bring Covid-19 under control so we can open up the economy. They display the courage required to serve humanity.

First:  Dr Tess Lawrie (UK) who I have investigated and consider unimpeachable:

Second: Dr Peter McCullough (USA) who I have also investigated and consider unimpeachable:

In earlier emails, I have already discussed how and why from my expert inside knowledge, “Big Pharma” will do all within their power to pour cold water on the superiority of Hydroxychloroquine and Ivermectin as superior remedies to anything in their arsenal for preventing (Prophylaxis) and treating Covid-19.  This link below shows just one way by which they use either paid or unpaid proxies (in addition to mainstream editorial censorship) to achieve their aims:

Here is an indication of cost versus benefit from using Ivermectin and joining the group of countries following the Uttar Pradesh formula for eliminating the scourge of Covid-19:  However to open our economy and restore our lives to a degree of normalcy, this pandemic is about lives and not cost.

The Opportunity: So far the cost for six months will be $10 billion to try to keep businesses alive.  Losses to business at $20 million per week = $500 million.

The loss of deaths due to depression, withheld medical treatment during the lockdown and carry-over effects will be four times the Covid-19 deaths at 100 persons as a minimum.  The amount you as PM have committed to buying Molnupirivir™ next year if it works, if it is safe and if it is approved is approx. $30 million.  So the total estimated cost of accepting Big Pharma’s inferred extortion for six months is estimated at saving $10.53 billion plus 100 deaths.

The estimated cost of Ivermectin and either Azithromycin or Doxycycline for home kits, hospital and prescriptive use is $5 million. The additional cost for OTC products for home care kits would not exceed $5 million.  So total cost = $5 million plus likely 10 deaths in 6 months based on Uttar Pradesh figures.

You can keep the country closed, or open it with the prospect of further deaths and further lockdowns, or you can do your job and show leadership.  Your decision will define for the New Zealand public whether you are suitable to be our Prime Minister…or not.

This is your administration’s real “nuclear moment”.


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