You will know us by our haircuts.

We the Covid Untermenschen don’t need a yellow star to make us stand out.

As Ardern’s second class, unclean citizens we have been denied the simple pleasures of life.

Not for us the relaxing chat in the hairdressers and the boost to our self-esteem. No, for us it is either a bowl cut, a YouTube tutorial or crossing our fingers and hoping for the best, letting someone we love have fun with one of these .

I’m choosing to let my silver hair grow long as nature intended. It may not be the most flattering look but when I see myself in the mirror I see defiance, not compliance.

The BFD When I look in the mirror I see defiance, not compliance.

Jacinda Ardern thinks that we are so vain that we will submit to her medical tyranny rather than be denied access to our hairdressers.

I will not comply.

I will not submit.



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What Defiance Not Compliance Looks like
Juana Atkins

Juana Atkins

Editor of The BFD: Juana doesn't want readers to agree with her opinions or the opinions of her team of writers. Her goal and theirs is to challenge readers to question the status quo, look between the...