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The Glasgow Climate Change Conference is about to begin as 30,000 spongers descend on the city. My Glasgow office tells me Glaswegians are not well pleased at the inconvenience to them on a number of counts. A daughter living in my Glasgow home tells me she’s fleeing to my Parisian home for the conference duration, understandable as no 21 year old female wants to find herself awash in 30,000 James Shaw types everywhere. As a consequence, I imagine the Glasgow Lesbian Enrolment Centre will take on extra staff to cope with the sudden huge demand from local females giving up the ghost on men, and who can blame them?

Green Party leader James Shaw is attending at tax-payer expense, with nine other bludgers. To do what? Well, to listen to speeches and announce some token gestures. But why a party of ten? And why go when like us all they can read the speeches here without travel? We all know the answer, namely that major quest of all MPs, specifically international travel jaunts at tax-payer expense.

Pre-Covid, Glasgow pulled two million tourists annually on architectural tours. For building lovers like me, no city anywhere in the world matches it for architectural diversity.

You can safely bet, as with all conferences, that delegates will take advantage of the opportunity to explore the city rather than endure the appalling torturous tedium of listening to hand-wringing blow-hards all day.

The Australian Prime Minister is going and presumably will secure a speaking slot. That will be amusing. The sole reason he is Prime Minister is with the election in the bag for Labour last time, Labour’s then leader, with a few days to go before the vote, felt it safe to announce plans to end coal mining, the nation’s major export earner.

Queensland where most coal is mined, promptly turned against Labour and against all odds, Scott Morrison found himself Prime Minister. Well, he’s got another election coming up and his assurances to the conference will be avidly followed in Queensland. So expect a promise to wipe out coal-mining in the vaguely distant future. Anything too explicit will cost him government.

I certainly don’t make light of global warming but this Glasgow bean-fest is nonsense, if for no other reason than the ridiculous 30,000 “delegate” attendance.

The sole reason this conference is in Glasgow is that Boris Johnson, concerned about the Scottish Independence movement, worked overtime to secure it for the city. That simply showed how out of touch he was pre-Covid, as the sheer volume of foreign tourists in Scotland was driving everyone mad and particularly in Edinburgh in which they made life intolerable.

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The Glasgow Climate Conference
Bob Jones

Bob Jones

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