Later today the Prime Minister will present her latest announcement. It will likely be an announcement of even more announcements, which she will call a roadmap or maybe even a plan.

It will of course be none of those and will be met with utter dismay at the lack of clarity or cogency.

If you think you are going to receive good news this afternoon then I have some bad news for you.

Sure, she will begin telling us just how wonderful she and her Government are. How, despite actually being last, that we were actually world beaters and still were first in the queue for vaccines.

She will flap her arms profusely, hopelessly confusing the sign language translator and waffle on for about 25 minutes before tilting her head to the side, grimacing and drawing breath through her teeth, putting on her fake frowny face and her concerned vocal fry to tell us that despite being “hard and early”, or even “short and sharp”, that they were hoping for a “circuit-breaker” but that the naughty people of Auckland, like that bad Brian Tamaki, just won’t do what they’re told.

Then she will deliver whatever bad news she’s been planning, but it’s for your health mind you. But mark my words, it will not be pleasant.

Right about now you will be thinking that I’ve lost my marbles, that she’s signalled this for a week, so it’s going to be great news.

And you’d be wrong.

In the history of the world, no Government ever, has handed out good news on a Friday afternoon, just before a holiday weekend.

Governments simply do not issue good news on Friday afternoons ahead of a holiday weekend. They exclusively use that time to deliver bad news hoping that the peasants will have forgotten what they said by Tuesday morning.

But here is why that is not a good strategy for the Government. Nearly half of New Zealand’s population are in fact locked up in Jacinda’s prison planet. They won’t be having a holiday long weekend. Instead they will be sitting at home fulminating about how the Prime Minister has wrecked their businesses, their jobs, their holidays, and how her strategy of elimination is dead and buried and the only people responsible for the delta outbreak are in fact those who claim they’re world leaders.

The only way delta can have gotten into the country is via the border and MIQ. That’s under their control. They failed. Quarantine is also under their control, and there have been repeated failures there too. And finally the vaccine rollout was slow, tardy and won’t meet any targets that have loosely been set.

Then they will have to digest the unpalatable news that the Covid Queen is set to deliver. What that will be is anyone’s guess.

If I had to guess I’d say that there are two bits of news that they will deliver. The Government only has their Covid response to hang their hats on. They need the “crisis” to continue for as long as possible. As David Farrar reported they have achieved nothing else in four years.

So, they will probably announce a target for vaccinations. They’ve been forced into it by National, but because Jacinda Ardern is like the proverbial teacher’s pet she will have a better target, a world beating target, before she will release us from her prison planet.

If they do give us our freedoms at a certain target that is fraught with danger for her and the Labour party. It is widely thought that 90% isn’t really attainable, but just in case I believe they will move the target from 90% of 12+ aged people, to 90% of of 5+ aged people, meaning our rate plummets to 75% automatically, and no freedom for you.

Additionally, they will keep everyone’s alert levels where they are until every DHB reports a 90% vaccination rate “across the motu”. Get ready for a lockdown Christmas.

So, there will come a time when all the DHBs except Counties Manukau, Tairawhiti and Northland have reached 90% (actually more than that won’t) and so the country will be ransomed by those three.  Then the hate against people in those areas begins. Divide and conquer, vaccinated vs unvaccinated, Maori/Pasifika vs the rest, it’s all they’ve got. They need people hating other minorities. The only thing missing are the pogroms.

With that new unattainable goal, they will also mandate vaccines for children in order for them to attend school. Some schools are already announcing this.

Then to force even more control on us they will announce the rollout of vaccine passports for almost every sector of your life, including a requirement that you must present your papers and test results to leave the largest urban area in New Zealand, Auckland. The phrase “present your papers” will bring the worst aspects of the 1930 and communist regimes into the life of Kiwis.

All of this means that Ardern has lost the room, she just doesn’t realise it yet. The more she keeps this up, the more support she loses. Disappointment left festering turns to resentment. Resentment left festering turns to hate.

If you think you are getting good news this afternoon then you are still one of those living in hope that this will all end soon.

You are wrong. It will not end through compliance with tyranny, it will only get worse.

And remember Hope Dies Last.

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So, You Think You Are Getting Good News Today?
Cam Slater

Cam Slater

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