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We would like to draw your attention to this article published by the NZ Herald, and written by Ben Leahy, today that contains gross misinformation, and reveals again the sub-standard and gutter quality of journalism coming out of the NZ Herald office.

This headline is pure lies and is intended to incite hatred towards Brian Tamaki, defaming him.  If this article is not retracted immediately, we will be reporting this matter to the Broadcasting Standards Authority. We will also do the same with any other agency that also shares this misinformation. 

Never has there been a vaccination centre operating on the Destiny Church property.  The church management received a request from the Whanau Ora Community Centre (another tenant within the building) who wanted to rent a portion of the church facilities, but the church declined this request, even though it could have received a significant amount of income, as the vaccination campaign did not align with the church’s values.

The Whanau Ora Community Centre only pays a small amount to lease a part of the carpark for a COVID testing station. The church has no problem with people being tested for COVID. 

Destiny Church also does not own this property, they only lease it.  Any sublease income generated by the property is not income to the church, it goes to the property owners (a non-related entity). 

Apostle Brian Tamaki has at no time been involved in any of these business matters with the Whanau Ora Community Centre.
These are the facts, and New Zealand journalists need to fact-check themselves before spreading fabrications in an attempt to defame people.

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