When even supposedly sober conservatives like Scott Morrison, not to mention the suits at the Business Council of Australia, are jumping on the “net zero” bandwagon, you know we’re well and truly stuffed.

“Net zero” is a chimaera which doesn’t stand up to basic scrutiny — not to mention its massive cost, both financially and geopolitically. Yet, still even supposedly hard-headed politicians and business leaders have gone barking mad, it would seem. Even the great Goldstein of the left, the Murdoch press, are guzzling the green cordial.

What does Rupert think? I suppose the Murdoch press in Australia has something called editorial independence. This can work when adults can be hired to report the news. But what happens when only infantile minds are available. Then you get what we got. My theory is that for every sinister-minded George Soros and Klaus Schwab et al there are thousands upon thousands of mindless drones following the script. And their numbers grow in the media as the universities churn them out.

If you’ve thought that the mainstream press these days reads more and more like a student rag — that’s because it does. In their desperation to stay afloat, the mainstream media have pensioned off their senior journalists and sub-editors. Now, the newsrooms are run by wet-eared infants barely out of universities run by a gaggle of old Marxists too useless to get a job anywhere else.

There are three things that any supposed adult would bring to this cacophony of idiotic hooting and shrieking:

The first is the premise upon which the climate-change creature has been built — that the natural climate with all of its complexity can be modelled. It can’t.

The second is the output of modelling which points to catastrophic man-made global warming. This is a tenuous hypothesis in search of proof. All of its predictions have thus far fallen flat – extreme weather, floods, droughts, drowning islands, unbearable temperatures, the end of snow etc., etc.

The third is the culmination of the hustle: A gigantic edifice of money-sucking carpetbagging which claims that no taxpayer dime should be spared to save the planet.

And there’s the key: money. Taxpayer’s money. Trillions of it, drawing the rent-seekers, troughers and leaners like a cloud of buzzing green blowflies.

Can this madness be combatted? No. Madness is not susceptible to reason. We simply have to hope that it’s episodic and that the damage done before it ends is not irretrievable. Which brings me to the new great green hope, hydrogen […]

Maybe technological advancements will make the production of green hydrogen on a mass scale feasible. I don’t know. But neither does anybody else. Why then would you bet the future of the world on it? Why would you stop digging and drilling for reliable proven direct energy and depend on some future unknown technologies to make energy indirectly from the wind and sun? You would only do that if you believed that the world is overheating and you can stop it. Once you believe that, derivative delusional thoughts and actions follow.

Quadrant Online

The madness of the green crowd is akin to King Canute really believing his courtiers sycophantic flattery that he could turn back the tide. Except that our modern, green Canutes are tying themselves to their little thrones on the water’s edge as the tide inexorably advances.

But at least Canute would have drowned only himself. Our army of green Canutes would drown us all with their mad delusions.

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