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This post is for discussion of today’s 10 am announcement from the ‘Lectern of Lies’ (formerly known as the ‘Pulpit of Truth’.)

Today Aucklanders will be told what vaccination targets need to be reached before the latest economy crushing lockdown will be lifted. They will also be told what needs to happen before they will be allowed to leave the city in which they have been imprisoned despite having committed no crime.

Ardern will also reveal which freedoms will be taken away from the unvaccinated including being prevented from attending events and accessing businesses, and travelling out of Auckland.

Ardern has also already said unvaccinated people will always be able to go to essential services, including health services and supermarkets.

NZ Herald

She also only a couple of months ago said that vaccinations would never be mandatory so how long will it be before the above quote is revealed to be yet another lie from the Lectern?


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10 am Announcement Discussion Post
The BFD Staff

The BFD Staff

A contribution from The BFD staff.