Dear Editor

I wish to alert your readers to how far our medical system has been compromised.

I have stage four cancer. I have been living with it for 20 years. I am still alive because I take responsibility for my own health and decisions. This has set me offside with some of my health practitioners – I refuse to apologise for that as I believe I would be dead by now had I not taken that approach. In fact, they can’t explain why I am still here.

I don’t wear a mask. I have a legitimate reason. I have refused the vaccine as I do not wish to compromise the delicate state of my health with experimental technology.

Due to this I have already experienced some pretty unpleasant responses from my health professionals with my oncologist eventually threatening me with limited access to health care if I refuse to vaccinate and being deliberately persecuted by nurses and in one case deliberately physically injured. Unbelievable I know but I’m not exaggerating.

What have we come to when those who are already struggling and vulnerable are being treated this way? Luckily for me, I’m pretty tough but imagine what else is going on.



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Letter to the Editor: Our Compromised Medical System


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