Brooke van Velden
ACT Deputy Leader and Health spokesperson

The ACT Party says today’s decision to give 300 MIQ spaces to health care workers is months too late and they should be able to self-isolate.

Health care professionals, who are double vaccinated and have tested negative to COVID, are desperately needed. 

Instead, they’ve gone from being part of an impossible lottery to having slightly better odds of being able to come to New Zealand.

The Government will let someone with COVID isolate at home. COVID Response Minister Chris Hipkins has said that someone who is double vaccinated and tested negative is extremely unlikely to have COVID, so why can’t they isolate?

I have been in contact with a man whose wife has an essential work visa and works as a critical care nurse in ICU. She left New Zealand to spend time with her dying mother in the UK and has been unable to return through the MIQ system. It has now been three months that this essential ICU nurse has been unable to help with the COVID response in New Zealand.

I have written to Hipkins asking him to let desperately needed health care workers into the country and be able to able to self-isolate. The Government should do the sensible thing here.

Brooke’s letter to Chris Hipkins can be found here 


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Health Workers Should Be Able to Self-Isolate
Brooke van Velden

Brooke van Velden

ACT Deputy Leader | List MP | Wellington Central