It’s well known that in the chaotic aftermath of WWII, many Nazis were able to slip out of Europe as “refugees”. Plus ça change, even the Guardian admits that a great many of the so-called “refugees” flooding the West during the War on Terror did so on fake credentials. Accused Syrian war criminals have been apprehended, living in Switzerland as “refugees”.

As Kabul fell to the Taliban, the bleeding-heart left want to give carte blanche to anyone who could scramble on a plane and say “asylum!” Not a few on the right joined in the hand-wringing open slather approach.

What none of them stopped to ask is: just who are we flying in to the West? No doubt many are genuine refugees — but, even if they are, that doesn’t mean they are exactly desirable.

An Afghan man charged Wednesday with engaging in sexual acts with a child had been abusing two boys, ages 12 and 14, in a bathroom and housing area of the Fort McCoy military base in western Wisconsin, an affidavit alleges.

Bahrullah Noori, 20, appeared Thursday in federal court in Madison on the child sexual assault charges. Noori, who has not yet entered a plea, will remain in the Dane County Jail as the case proceeds […]

Both boys told investigators Noori had touched them inappropriately, kissed and bit them and said he would beat them if they told anyone about the sexual abuse.

Noori is facing three counts of engaging in sexual acts with a minor, including one involving the use of force.

When Australia was trying to stem the flow of illegals into this country, the hanky-clutching left wept about conditions in refugee camps, including apparently rampant sexual abuse of children. Which naturally begs the question: these are the people you want to let into Australia? Lo and behold, refugees like Afghan “refugee” Ali Jaffari, duly proceeded to repeatedly attack children. Europe has seen far too many cases of “migrants” raping children — including an Iraqi who brutally raped a boy at a Vienna swimming pool, because “he hadn’t had sex in months”.

Alleged child-rapist Noori is not the only Afghan behaving badly at Fort McCoy.

[Another] man, Mohammad Haroon Imaad, 32, has been charged with assault for allegedly choking and suffocating his wife. Defense attorney Joe Bugni entered a plea of not guilty on Imaad’s behalf in federal court Thursday […]

Imaad’s wife told soldiers through an interpreter that Imaad had hit her and choked her. She had bruising on her right eye and redness on her throat, a soldier reported.

She also told the soldiers that Imaad had struck their children on multiple occasions.

The woman said this was not the first time she was assaulted by Imaad and that he had “beat me many times in Afghanistan to the point I lost vision in both eyes.”

LaCrosse Tribune

But, hey, this is all just part of the vibrant tapestry of cultural diversity the millions of middle-eastern bring with them as they’re parachuted into the West.

In 2017 […] Lyricist Charlie Sohne and composer Tim Rosser created a musical about a subject even Afghans would consider too sensitive and unsettling – “bacha bazi” or “boy play”.

Bacha bazi is a practice whereby wealthy, powerful older men buy and keep adolescent boys – known as dancing boys – for entertainment and sex. The boys are trained to dance seductively at male-only parties and often sexually abused.

Critics swooned, of course. “Courageous, thoughtful and beautiful,” they wittered. But then the play moved to online streaming, and controversy ensued.

But if you thought that “controversy” meant the MultiCult condemning a culture of child sexual abuse, think again. Oh, no: boy-raping is nothing compared to the heinous sin of “cultural appropriation”.

Afghan actress and founder of Mena Arts, Azita Ghanizada [said] “To have another piece of art focused on Afghanistan completely through the white lens shook up our community” […] The lack of Afghans or their input in the production of The Boy Who Danced on Air was another reason the musical came under fire […]

Dr Qais Munhazim, a queer Afghan scholar and Assistant Professor at Thomas Jefferson University said: “The musical is not only an orientalist depiction of Afghans as a whole, but it is also painfully damaging to the queer and trans Afghans. The musical wrongfully associates paedophilia with queerness.


Sure. Because there’s nothing “queer” about adult men buggering little boys.

Nope, if anyone’s in the wrong, here, it’s you, whitey. How dare you pretend that “diversity” is ever anything but rainbows, unicorns and fairy-glitter. Just ignore the juvenile screams coming out of the mens’ change-rooms.

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Afghan Men Behaving Badly in Refugee Camps

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