Covid vaccines mobilised the world to end the global pandemic over a year ago and New Zealand, not the first out of the block, began vaccinating front line workers in February 2021.

90% vaccine efficacy! Legendary, let’s get on with it! And so we did.

One year on and the rest of the world has moved on leaving New Zealand valiantly still trying to vaccinate its way out of a pandemic considered less deadly than first thought in the face of overseas experience indicating vaccination alone will not end the pandemic.

“One in ten of those people will need to be hospitalised and so that’s 50,000, because there is no doubt that if you’re not vaccinated – unless you live in a bubble in the bush you’re going to get Covid.”

Epidemiologist Rod Jackson AM Show Monday 18 October 2021

Ryan Bridge on the AM show discussed a listener’s suggestion to force the unvaccinated to get jabbed.

“I feel the hospitals should charge. Let the public know the cost they will have to pay if they are hospitalised with Covid if they are unvaccinated.”

Nicola on the AM Show Monday 18 October 2021

Bridge played devil’s advocate, arguing that if hospitals charge unvaccinated Covid patients for their treatment they should also charge the obese and smokers for their hospitalisation.

The argument was a red herring to distract from the fact that it is very difficult to separate the vaccinated and the unvaccinated at any particular point in time.

The media has drawn a line in the sand between the vaccinated and the unvaccinated, but out in the real world, there is no such clear line differentiating the two groups. Becoming unvaccinated is a moving target.

NZ health workers who were double jabbed by the end of March, when three weeks was the recommended timing between jabs, have enjoyed six months of excellent protection from Covid-19. But at the end of September, their Pfizer vaccine efficacy is quite likely below 50% efficacy which means it is not fully protecting them and they are probably blissfully unaware.

Some of the vaccinated have already drifted over to the dark side to join the despicable unvaccinated without realising it.

Reuters reports on Pfizer efficacy.

The analysis showed that the vaccine’s effectiveness in preventing hospitalization and death remained high at 90% for at least six months, even against the highly contagious Delta variant of the coronavirus.

The data suggests that the drop is due to waning efficacy, rather than more contagious variants, researchers said.

Researchers from Pfizer and Kaiser Permanente studied electronic health records of roughly 3.4 million people who were members of Kaiser Permanente Southern California between December 2020 – when the vaccine first became available – and August of 2021.


The vaccinated consider themselves protected from Covid. I assume that it’s why they got vaccinated. Some regard the Pfizer vaccination as similar to their flu vaccination where an annual booster protects them from seasonal influenza. The problem is that Covid-19 is not seasonal, it happily transmits all year round. Also, Pfizer vaccine efficacy is short-lived.

The vaccinated should start planning, as the unvaccinated are doing, for the possibility of contracting Covid.

Ryan Bridge got his second Pfizer jab very publicly at last Saturday’s Vaxathon along with Ashley Bloomfield and Siouxsie Wiles. Wouldn’t you expect that these high profile promoters of vaccination were already double jabbed, given the constant pressure they put on everyone else?

They told us the vaccine is essential to keep grandma safe and that vaccination is the only way out of the pandemic and we should do it for our communities. So why didn’t they?

Did they use their knowledge of short-lived Pfizer vaccine efficacy to optimise their own vaccine protection, knowing full well that public compliance for lockdowns is dwindling?

The experts and the PM all warned us when lockdowns end that Covid cases will rise. Delaying their own vaccine protection until the 11th hour of opening up from lockdown gives these wiseguys up to six months of protection not afforded to those who got their jabs early on.

Protection for many dwindled during lockdown because their six months was up when they didn’t really need it. They were locked down.

Our Covid experts’ protection starts from last weekend, nicely timed for protection when they will be at higher risk due to the increase in Covid cases following the end of lockdown.

Will they remember to set their countdown clocks to sound loudly when their six months of protection is up and they once again join the ranks of the unvaccinated?

What’s the bet they will embrace Covid treatments used successfully by other countries instead?

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