I will always acknowledge that I have received a submission but I do not have the time to tell writers whether or why or why not it has been selected. This is due to the volume of submissions received.

However, if you become a regular guest writer and request feedback on what you can do to improve, I am happy to provide it.

Headlines are often changed so if you submit an article, check all the guest posts published that week as it may be published under a different headline.

NOTE: If an article is time-sensitive, i.e. on a current hot topic, then it goes to the front of the queue for consideration.

If it is not time-sensitive it will be put into a folder that I keep for days when I have a time slot that needs filling and I am short of content.

I won’t actually read or edit the post until I have a timeslot that needs filling.

To find out more about our requirements, these two articles below outline our word limit and give a broad outline of what we are looking for.


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So You Want to Submit a Guest Article?
Juana Atkins

Juana Atkins

Editor of The BFD: Juana doesn't want readers to agree with her opinions or the opinions of her team of writers. Her goal and theirs is to challenge readers to question the status quo, look between the...