Back in 2008 when David Farrar and I had lunch with Jacinda Ardern in Morrinsville I came away with the impression that Ardern had no depth, and nothing but slogans.

Nothing I’ve seen since then has enabled me to change my mind. In fact, to the contrary, she has in fact reinforced that view.

Jacinda Ardern has only one super-power: slogans.

When she plunged the whole country into Level Four yet again it was supposed to be “short and sharp”. When asked about that she resorted to a new slogan in order to slag off Australia: “light and long“.

These of course followed on from other slogans like “Be Kind” and “Go hard Go Early”.

At yesterday’s press conference Ardern used plenty of other slogans to fill the uncomfortable gap between the rhetoric and the lack of a plan.

All we get are pithy and ultimately useless statements like “Alert level rules in Auckland the most stringent in the OECD now” and “The vaccine is all about opening up opportunities.” Which is all totally untrue.

It is obvious to even Blind Freddy that Auckland is not in any way near Level Three restrictions. But for some unknown reason, she doesn’t seem to know what is actually going on on the ground in Auckland. She’s actually dreaming.

And the news for those foolish enough to believe that you can comply your way out of her tyranny isn’t any better.

Again it was her meaningless babble that signals that she has no intention of letting us live freely.

A new Covid protection framework is to be outlined on Friday, Ardern said. It will include a high vaccination target.


As you can see the vaccine targets aren’t really targets. She won’t be happy even if 100% get jabbed. She’s just ruined Labour Weekend and the next holidays she will wreck will be Christmas and New Year.

“Short and Sharp” has now turned into a grind. Aucklanders are well over it and these fools just think they can keep locking us down. We are now into the 12th week of short and sharp, with another two weeks to go.

She was dreaming back in mid-August and she is still dreaming today. These clowns seriously believe that they can eliminate delta, which no other country in the world has done. But they are still using lockdowns that have never worked and a vaccine designed for alpha.

That my friends, is the very definition of stupidity. The only thing more stupid is to continue to allow them to keep doing it.

Those of you who thought if you complied by lining up to get jabbed must surely by now, realise you’ve been had. They just keep you all hoping and hoping for something different. It’s not going to happen.

This is no longer about health, it’s all about control. You are watching while our country is tearing itself apart victimising people for personal health choices. The only people to blame for lockdowns are Jacinda Ardern and Ashley Bloomfield. No one else. Not the unvaccinated, not anyone but those power-crazed donkeys in charge.

I’ll say it again and again, you can’t comply your way out of tyranny. Wake the hell up.

The only course of action left open to us now is defiance, not compliance. Start acting in your own best interest. Stop listening to these fools and their media enablers. Start thinking for yourself. Start living free. Defiance – Not Compliance.

Your jobs, businesses, friendships and relationships are being wrecked by these vandals and you all sit there mewling about how someone should do something to end this.

That someone has to be you, and all the other people out there need to point the finger of blame at themselves. Stop quivering in fear. Stand up, stand for something and stop expecting others to do it for you.

The Prime Minister herself said they aren’t even monitoring for compliance, and indeed it is “very hard to model compliance”.

So stop complying: they aren’t even measuring it so why even bother.

Enough is enough. When the government’s only strategy is slogans and lockdowns it is time to change the government. Defiance Not Compliance, live freely, draw a line in the sand. No more tyranny. Do it from today onwards. Hell, pick a date as your personal freedom day and comply no more from that date. My freedom date was months ago. I live freely, you should too.

Make today your freedom day.

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Cam Slater

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