Dear Editor

I have been a mild follower of The BFD and found some of your articles to be of interest and had been considering some form of membership. I have now changed my mind as it appears you are more interested in anarchy than really trying to promote an alternative press view.

I just can’t bring myself to support a publication that aligns itself with the Brian Tamakis and other nutters of this world. I am not a lockdown freak, I don’t like them, hence I have done my part and had two little pricks. It’s not hard and I haven’t grown another head. So instead of decrying all your lack of freedom just get the jab and promote your readers to do the same instead of grandstanding in the face of many million NZers and the world who have.

Alternatively, you can rant and carry on about Governments injecting you with some form of control or other hysterical claims and remain a publication that can’t be taken seriously by anyone apart from Ultra Right Wing, Brian Tamakis of this world.

Good luck to you in whichever way you want to move forward, it will either be interesting or just a bunch of grumpy people seeking their limelight in print.

By the way, on the other side, I have had enough of the Professors of Doom rolled out every day.

Ian MacFarlane

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Letter to the Editor: Anarchy


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