As a young teen, I drank a few glasses of what turned out to be a knockout punch. It pays to make sure you know what you’re putting into your body before you do so.

It was clear from the start of what is known as ‘The Covid 19 Pandemic’ that many, perhaps most, world leaders were reading from the same script provided, it seems, by the UN and WHO. The same measures were taken. The same, dare I say it, unscientific approach was implemented. Common phrases like ‘Build back better’ were shared globally by presidents and prime ministers. The suspension of rights and the deployment of the military in a kind of medical martial law became commonplace.

People became increasingly confused with rules and recommendations that defied common sense. Can a virus really tell if there are more than ten people in a shop? Does the virus only travel in straight lines and is it unable to go round perspex shields? Is it unable to jump two metres? If it is so easily transmissible, why does the test swab need to be so invasive? 

There were however exceptions. In the US, Kristi Noem, the very popular Governor of South Dakota, defied federal pressure to impose masks, lockdowns and social distancing. The exception proved the rule and strangely enough, or perhaps not, deaths per capita were lower there than in the locked-down states. Even hosting an almost half-million-strong biker convention did not harm their statistical advantage. In Sweden with similarly lax rules, Covid has not been a major problem whilst Israel, one of the most vaccinated nations in the world, has experienced a massive outbreak. Over 50% of those hospitalised have been fully vaccinated. Fourth doses are being considered.

President Magafuli of Tanzania, a doctor prior to being elected, made headlines in the alternative news media when he tested a goat and a pawpaw for Covid 19. The goat tested positive whilst the pawpaw’s test came back as indeterminate. I believe the goat made a full recovery but there are concerns that the pawpaw may be a vegetable for the rest of its life.

Like Governor Noem, President Magafuli refused to impose restrictions on the people. This country of over 55 million souls that borders other African nations recorded only 21 covid deaths without any compromise of individual freedoms.

Another in defiance of globalist recommendations was Haiti’s  President Jovenel Moise. He refused to comply with the vaccination rollout.

In most countries, the experimental gene therapy referred to as the Covid 19 vaccination continues to be remorselessly pushed onto and into people. There is pressure with threats of job losses and travel restrictions for any refusing to take these experimental vaccines.

According to Pfizer, its product will not complete its testing until mid-2023. Most dissenting voices are removed from whatever media platform they occupy. I too have come under some pressure to conform to the mainstream narrative.

There is a mountain of propaganda aimed at passing off this worldwide medical intervention as ‘Safe and effective’ which at this point cannot be known. What can be known though is that the VAERS (Vaccine adverse events reporting system) has at the time of writing received reports as at 13 August of possibly 13,068 vaccine-related deaths from the jabs in the US alone. There have also been possibly hundreds of thousands of non-fatal adverse reactions. It is estimated that less than 10% of adverse events actually get reported to VAERS.

In Northland, we protested about allowing genetically modified organisms into the province yet so many are inviting GMOs to be injected directly into their bodies.

Whilst there is still much uncertainty surrounding this global initiative the cost, according to my sources, of each shot is $19 USD. So one thing is sure and that is that the rollout has been a real ‘shot in the arm’ for the bottom line of the pharmaceutical companies. 

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When a Jab Becomes a Knockout Punch
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