Quotes from Michael Baker:

Professor Michael Baker was hesitant to characterise the so-called “Freedom NZ” protests as potential super-spreader events.
But the University of Otago epidemiologist did say Covid transmission was likely occurring at them, and symbolically the protests were a corrosive form of “antisocial behaviour”.

But Baker said the unchecked mingling and shouting at Auckland Domain and in Kensington Park, Whangarei, made some form of Covid-19 transmission likely.”They’ll also be mixing before and after the event and people will be sharing transport.
“The only thing that lessens the risk of this being a super-spreading episode is the fact that it’s outdoors. But against it, of course, is that there isn’t physical distancing almost by definition.

The protests took place while the Government made its vaccine push in the national Super Saturday campaign.

The NZ Herald doesn’t see the blatant contradiction and hypocrisy in that last statement.  The protests were bad because there was “mixing and mingling and shouting”, but Super Saturday, which did all of those same things, is just fine.

Here’s a little something I prepared earlier:

Superspreader Saturday. Photoshopped image credit Wibble. The BFD.

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Superspreader Saturday


Wibble is a bit of an enigma, but so far nobody seems to know which bit. His name is derived from Blackadder, and yet he is neither black nor an adder, though he can indeed add quite well, puzzling indeed?...