Dear Editor

The insidious agenda from our current Labour Government to install an ideological doctrine based on separatism must stop now.

To divide and separate the people of our country by race is by definition RACIST and has no part in the future of New Zealand. Our parents’ and grandparents’ generations went to war (from which many did not return) so we and future generations could live in a free democracy.

Our democracy is under serious threat:

  • Media are paid for and controlled by government, which is totally abhorrent.
  • 3 Waters Policy is theft of taxpayers’ assets from local councils; assets which will then be transferred to central government with Maori to gain 50% “ownership” with veto control.
  • Transfer of DOC Crown land to Maori iwi.
  • Foreshore ownership to iwi. Our foreshore should be for all New Zealanders.
  • The rewriting of New Zealand history in the school curriculum based on selected negative colonial activity.  It strategically focuses only on the past 200 years and bypasses the abhorrent aspects of pre-colonial inter-tribal slaughter, slavery and cannibalism.
  • Treaty of Waitangi is newly interpreted as “a partnership”. The Treaty never was a partnership agreement. It was requested by Maori and settlers who needed protection from lawlessness.
  • Language. The insidious push by Media to instil Maori language into all programmes.
  • New Zealand Name. The continual insidious practice, again pushed through media, to drop ‘New Zealand’ for ‘Aotearoa’. Aotearoa was never the Maori name for New Zealand. It was a created name, possibly just for the North Island, used by some obscure Pakeha. 
  • He Puapua. A document written by ideological academics by Maori for Maori following the UN Declaration for Indigenous People. The current government initiated this and has kept it from public view for two years. This document is the underlying doctrine that is driving the examples above.  

Although our Prime Minister has openly stated that He Puapua is still under review and has not been discussed in Parliament, it is obviously being covertly legislated. This in itself, clearly shows a total lack of integrity from this government and our prime minister.

This whole government strategy is totally draconian. There is no transparency. No public discussion or referendum. It is a hidden agenda. New Zealanders must demand that it stops now! It should be one country, one nation, one flag and one law for all.

New Zealanders have the right to be consulted on these matters as constituents of our country.

I acknowledge, there have been some very egregious acts by our past governments relating to Maori land ownership. Many wrongs have been righted. But we must learn from history and not repeat it. Two wrongs never make a right.

Separatism will not fix the past. It will only destroy our future and our democracy.

[Name Withheld]

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Letter to the Editor: Stop Ardern’s Separatism


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