In a way, it’s not surprising that the left, especially the feminist left, think that all men are “toxic” predators. They’re just judging all men by the men they know.

“Reset the Clock” became a meme because of the seemingly endless stream of revelations of “male feminists” indulging in the most abusive behaviour – all the way to rape and murder. Heck, even Earth Day founder Ira Einhorn murdered his girlfriend and stuffed her body in a closet. Black Panthers leader Eldridge Cleaver boasted about using rape as a “tactic”.

The entertainment industry is almost solidly “progressive” left: it’s also a toxic swamp of abusers. Yet these are the people who presume to lecture the rest of us about “toxic masculinity”.

They might want to consider that their problem is not “MeToo”, but “JustUs”.

It’s not just the Harvey Weinsteins of Hollywood, either. The Australian music industry is likewise allegedly the groping-ground of “right-on” predators.

When many of Australia’s most famous singers clutched ARIA awards and stepped up to the podium there was one man whose praises they would sing.

Denis Handlin.

As Sony Music chief executive, chairman of the ARIA board, an Officer of the Order of Australia, he was one of the most powerful men in Australian music.

Just like the Hollywood “progressives” who gave Harvey Weinstein standing ovations – when it was still convenient, anyway.

A scandal around Sony Music’s toxic culture started building late last year when a social media account called Beneath The Glass Ceiling posted a flood of allegations of sexual assault, abuse of power and bullying at major record labels.

Many of the anonymous complaints were about Sony Music.

ABC Australia

So while Sony and Handlin are allegedly the worst of a very bad bunch, it seems that the whole industry is tainted.

Tony Glover, a Sony veteran of 17 years, was the first head to roll when allegations of sexual misconduct, abuse of power and bullying at the company were posted on social media sites.

He was fired just months before Sony’s long-time chief executive Denis Handlin was spectacularly ousted in June.

“I think that the thinking was, ‘The heat’s coming, we need to do something about this. What’s the best way to deal with it? Let’s take out a senior exec,'” he told Four Corners.

“Nothing to see here, move on.”

Note that, as is almost a constant in “MeToo” accusations, all we have are unsubstantiated allegations aired in the media.

Nonetheless, this is the same music industry that pats itself on the back for peddling smirking doggerel attacks on the Catholic Church for covering up abuse, as well as endlessly finger-wagging and lecturing the rest of us on every “progressive” cause imaginable.

Four Corners has spoken with more than 100 current and former Sony employees as part of an investigation into decades of systemic bullying, discrimination and misconduct at the company under the regime of Mr Handlin, including how the company’s global head office knew about the alleged abuse but failed to protect its Australian staff for almost 40 years […]

Tamara Georgopoulos worked at Sony Music between 2011 and 2015, including as an artists & repertoire (A&R) coordinator […]

“I was sexually harassed when I worked at Sony.

“Things that have happened to me that I normalised, and thought was OK, like an executive grabbing my chest at a concert.

“I’ve had friends sexually assaulted. It’s just the norm.”

ABC Australia

The norm in the “progressive”, right-on, uber-left music industry, perhaps, just as it apparently is in Hollywood.

Just spare the rest of us being tarred with the same brush as the toxic males who apparently infest the left, thanks very much.

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Woke and Gropin’ in the Music Industry

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