National Party leader and Leader of the Opposition Judith Collins has expressed shock and sadness after the death of British Conservative MP David Amess.

Mr Amess, a 69-year-old Conservative lawmaker, was stabbed to death at a constituents’ clinic at a church in Leigh-on-Sea in England.

“The death of David Amess is shocking and deeply disturbing,” says Ms Collins.

“That a hardworking and respected Member of Parliament should be killed while performing his duty to the public has rightly sent shockwaves through politics.

“It is a sad and sobering reminder that we live in times where there is deepening divisions in our democratic society – divisions that are becoming increasingly dangerous at both ends of the political spectrum.

“This incident remind us that while people should be free to disagree and to debate the issues, resorting to violence is unconscionable.

“Members of Parliament are public figures and being available to the public sits at the very heart of their role. It is especially tragic that, in performing his duty to the best of his ability, David Amess has paid the ultimate price.

“The National Party condemns this senseless act of violence.

“Our hearts go out to David’s family and the Conservative Party.”

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Shock and Sadness at Death of British MP
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