Chris Hipkins

If you haven’t yet made plans for Super Saturday, there’s still time to get involved (even if you’ve had your two shots!) and help New Zealand get vaccinated. 

If you missed the news, tomorrow’s Super Saturday event is taking place right around the country to encourage everyone to get their free COVID-19 vaccine. Vaccine clinics will be open all day and into the evening, and New Zealand’s first ever Vaxathon will be live on air to help drive up vaccination rates.

Here are three easy ways you can get involved tomorrow, no matter where you live:

  • Get your first dose. It’s never been easier to get your COVID-19 vaccine, so if you still haven’t been vaccinated yet, tomorrow is a good time to do it. Find your nearest walk-in or drive-through centre here and head along tomorrow.
  • Get your second dose. If it’s been at least three weeks since your first dose, you can take advantage of Super Saturday to get fully vaccinated – there’s no need to wait the full six weeks until your original appointment. Just make sure to cancel your booking so someone else can take the spot!
  • Support your friends and family to get vaccinated. Even if you’re fully vaccinated, you can still take part in Super Saturday. Offer your friends a ride to your local vaccination centre, encourage your relatives to get their shot, or tune into the Vaxathon from midday.

There are plenty of other ways you can get involved tomorrow, so check out more Super Saturday suggestions here.

More than 2.5 million New Zealanders are now fully vaccinated against COVID-19, but we need as many people as possible to get their vaccine to ensure we can all do more of the things we love this summer. If you can, get involved in Super Saturday tomorrow and help New Zealand get vaccinated, so together, we can keep COVID-19 at bay. 

Chris Hipkins

P.S. Recently the team asked you to share your reasons for getting vaccinated – and the response was overwhelming! If you haven’t yet, check out a small selection of the responses.


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