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How are you holding up?  So much going on for so many of us. The key thing to do if you understand you are to be affected or are already affected by “No Jab, No Job” mandates or requests is: Don’t panic. Take a deep breath. Don’t quit. Get educated instead. 

Jump on our webinar tonight.

Don’t be alone. Get connected. 

See industry groups below. 

There are thousands of you.

Then once you’ve done that: Find and read your employment agreement / contract agreement. Get good advice – check out date of our next webinar, download and read our templates letters, check if there is a large group legal action to join and/or get your own legal advice.

We are already helping to put together actions for health professionals and other affected groups. 

We have a refresher employment law webinar TONIGHT (Tuesday 8pm) and we’ll be looking at how people can use the template letters and strategies for dealing with no jab, no job mandates or requests.

This will be general information that can assist those of you in this situation.  We will do follow up webinars once the new Orders are released (as at present we do not have new mandates – a press conference is only a press conference not new law, despite what the media might have you believe.) 

This article is to let you know we have updated our template letters to add in various letters for PCR testing and personal grievance situations.

We will have more information coming specific to those groups that are being targeted with mandates. If you’re in those groups please be sure you have checked out the industry groups. And if you’re waiting to hear back on those a communication is coming out very shortly. 

There are also letters available to assist with mask and issues with children and schools. To access all materials do this via our Resources page. 


1. Please, if you have not already, complete this form if you’re someone already affected by no jab, no job or you believe likely to be. This will help us with preparing further webinars and templates as well as finding the best potential court cases.  

2. Here are the resources to help you with employment issues: click here to access the employment webinar & helpful tools & templates. 

Available Now:

  • Letter for employee to send employer when in mandated situation.
  • Letter for employee to send employer when private business purports to direct vaccination.
  • Link to replay of employment webinar.
  • Letter to send where Personal Grievance.
  • Template Personal Grievance form for mediation.  
  • Notice Letter where experiencing bullying/coercion in workplace over vaccination status. Note the letters for employees can be modified for sending by a contractor and/or casual employee. We will also be updating the letters from time to time and will advise you of this by email. So if some time goes by before you use the letters please check back on our website. 

Coming Soon:

  • Resources for Employers who wish to support staffs rights and freedoms.
  • Template ACC claim. 

Other Resources:

Check our resources page for links to other helpful tools and templates. We have letters relating to Kids, school, PCR testing, masks and more. www.voicesforfreedom.co.nz/resources


Reminder that if you have friends, families or colleagues you believe would benefit from this information please share the below LINK with them (not just this article) because that way they’ll also be kept updated with any new tools and templates and other important news. 

Hi there, Thought you might be interested in the replay of this “No Jab, No Job” webinar – it’s with an employment advocate and a lawyer looking at government mandates for the vax, private employers demands to jab, strategies for employees to use and more. When you sign up they’ll also send you helpful template letters and then you will be kept updated on relevant news. Cheers. https://voicesforfreedom.co.nz/employment

stand up, speak out. 
P.S. A reminder that if you’re not already joining us we’re on Telegram, please join us there for more uncensored information than elsewhere.  
Employment Law Webinar 
Special edition put together by Coronavirus Plushie with added video clips and screenshots. This is loaded at our Odysee channel but we are having some issues with the buffering so you can also watch from Coronavirus Plushie.
NOTE: At this time, VFF is not on Facebook or YouTube.  
NOTE: If you have any issues with the website loading you may have to clear the cache. The website is at www.voicesforfreedom.co.nz

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