Right up to November 2020 public health bodies including the WHO and CDC were adamant that government pandemic responses should not include lockdowns. From very early on in the China virus pandemic it became obvious why: lockdowns do not work.

In fact, not only do they not work, they make things much worse overall. Not just in terms of the mental health, not to say liberty of the locked-down populations, and the economic havoc they wreak but also in terms of overall deaths.

Far from saving lives, lockdowns cost lives. In fact, a number of British doctors predict that the deaths caused by lockdowns will outnumber the supposedly saved Covid deaths by 10 or 20 to 1. Largely because of delays in treating everything except Covid.

Australia is likely to fare little better.

Leading cancer surgeons have warned that delaying surgery deemed of lower urgency due to Covid-19 is likely to reduce survival rates and lead to life-threatening complications, as elective surgery suspensions in NSW and Victoria show no signs of lifting.

Doctors are especially concerned about prostate cancers, thyroid cancers and benign brain tumours, all of which often are not given urgent category 1 or category 2 status but can develop into more aggressive cancers or result in potentially fatal complications.

As anyone who’s ever dealt with cancer knows, the earlier the intervention the better the outcome. Left too long, many elective surgeries wind up becoming emergency ones. But, thanks to the hysterical panic over Covid, many such treatments are being shoved on the backburner indefinitely.

Non-urgent elective surgery is suspended in NSW and Victoria, although NSW recently moved to reinstate day surgery procedures.
Breast cancer patients have also been hard hit by the suspensions, with some paying $50,000 to fund their own reconstructive surgery, according to the Breast Cancer Network of Australia.

A BCNA survey in 2018 found numerous patients believed they were on a waiting list for a reconstruction, despite being taken off.

The Australian

Covid restrictions also led to a Perth man being denied urgent cancer treatment.

When Adam Carlyon was diagnosed with terminal brain cancer, he flew to Sydney for high-risk brain surgery. His doctor insisted that he follow up with radiotherapy as soon as he returned to Perth.

Covid bureaucrats had other ideas.

Strict isolation rules as a result of coronavirus have forced him to wait two weeks until he can begin treatment.

“It’s the most stress I’ve had in my life and in particular because of the kids,” Mr Carlyon told 9News.

“Each day that ticks away I see a five per cent chance of survival turning to four, turning to three, turning to two.


People are already dying in Victoria, due to Covid restrictions in hospitals. Last year, at least two patients died in ambulances waiting outside hospitals.

Victorian health bureaucrats are trying to blame the delays on unvaccinated Covid cases – but even before the latest outbreak, Victoria’s system, like WA and Queensland’s, was struggling from years of governmental neglect. Ambulance response times deteriorated dramatically during the Covid-quiet first months of 2021. Premier Daniel Andrews’s promises of 4,000 extra beds never materialised.

Across the state, hospitals have paused elective surgeries for all but the most urgent category one and two patients, who are at imminent risk of death without medical intervention, as waiting lists’ blow out to record levels…

Alfred Health cardiologist Associate Professor Dion Stub is becomingly increasingly concerned by the pressure mounting on the healthcare system as a growing number of un-vaccinated Victorians infected with coronavirus fill hospital wards.

The Age

This is a misdirection, though. Victoria currently has 500 covid hospitalisations. If 500 extra people are enough to break a hospital system that treats millions of people every year, clearly something other than Covid is very much to blame.

Grant McArthur, who co-chairs the Victorian COVID-19 Cancer Taskforce, said skin cancer surgeries were already being delayed in the state’s hospitals […] Of most concern for Professor McArthur was an anticipated cancer spike in the next six to 12 months, fuelled by a surge in later-stage cancers being diagnosed after thousands of Victorians delayed life-saving screening appointments for the disease since the beginning of the pandemic.

The Age

The go-to response from the lickspittle champions of lockdowns is, “Save lives!”

By that measure, they’re failing dismally.

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