The Joe Pags Show is a nationally syndicated talk radio show broadcast on stations all over the USA with an audience of around 5 million. Here in New Zealand you can listen on iHeart radio or as I prefer to do, view it on Twitch TV.

The show is on Tuesday to Saturday starting at 10:00 am NZ time and runs for 3 hours. Sunday morning is The Weekend w/Joe Pags which runs from 4:00 am and includes interviews from the week. After the show Joe hangs out with the Twitch audience for awhile sometimes putting a parody together with them.

If you have an interest in US politics and like a dash of humour with a parody or two check it out. There’s usually a great interview each day.

Former President Donald Trump, Rudy Giuliani, Dr Ben Carson, rep Marjorie Taylor Greene & sen Ron Johnson have all been on the show recently.


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