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Hey, government! Leave us teachers alone!

Up until two or three days ago, the mainstream media had published articles stating that the government was not considering vaccine mandates for teachers. Now, the latest news is that indeed, a vaccine mandate may be imminent.

One teacher I have heard about is pregnant and is worried about what this drug may do to her unborn child. I’ve also heard of a support staff member over 65 who takes medication to control a medical condition. She was called by the ministry to see if she would consider getting the jab, and was happy to, so long as they could supply hard data that the vaccine wouldn’t upset the medication she was taking and cause her issues. They couldn’t and she replied that she was not prepared to jeopardize her health.

Personally, though physically healthy, I do not wish to have an experimental drug injected into my blood, in order to teach. And even more importantly, I am afraid of what precedent that will set for our children and their children. I know that our prime minister DOES NOT care for saving lives, given that she extended abortion to full term, brought in assisted suicide, and has allowed abortions to continue throughout our lockdowns.

My students (I teach secondary maths) have gaps in their learning from last year’s lockdown. We are behind schedule because of the lockdown earlier in the year. And then this current lockdown has been INCREDIBLY badly timed and destructive, with around half of my (usually highly focused and motivated) bunch of students really struggling to complete any work at all from home, as we lead up to exams.

I need to be back at school with my students, to try to salvage something from the wreck that was Term 3 so that they can at least have a hope of passing NCEA. I doubt they will ever do as well as they would have sans-lockdown. I am just one example, but it will be much the same for every single teacher.

And now we may lose our right to work at all, for standing up for what was considered a basic human right a few months ago!

An Auckland teacher has started a petition, based on the following:

We believe in the freedom to choose what we do medically to our bodies. We believe that NO New Zealand teachers serving the children of New Zealand should EVER be forced to be vaccinated. We believe in the FREEDOM TO CHOOSE not to vaccinate WITH NO CONSEQUENCES.

Please sign and share this petition. Even if you are not affected right now, they will come for you and your children sooner or later! We need to stand up against this while there is still time.

Editors Note: Any teachers reading this article I highly recommend the following website for its professional support and assistance. They also provide support for all other industry groups. You are not alone. Check them out today you will not regret it.


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Hey, Government! Leave Us Teachers Alone!
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